• June 5, 2023

Between extreme aging, ultrasounds and sea water, the new frontiers of meat

Less meat but of quality. Good, sustainable and that has a lot to tell, with two parties to play the ballot: that of raw and tartare and, on the contrary, the supporters of the timeless grid. Above all, customers follow the long wave (started by the cooks) in wanting to trace differences between maturation and…

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Medvedev and that hateful “spaghetti eater”: but where does this saying come from?

Medvedev, or an unlikely ascetic. Moving from words to deeds, the former Russian president should have already banned from his table all delicacies of European cuisine “from the Alps to the pyramids, from Manzanarre to the Rhine”. Yes, precisely those Westerners “eaters of frogs, sausages and spaghetti” as the former Russian president thundered, criticizing the…

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