• June 5, 2023

Gnonto and Scalvini, no Europeans: Zurich and Atalanta opposed each other

Three players, three clubs, two different decisions that could mark the path of theItaly toEuropean U19. In the list of 20 called up by the coach Carmine Nunziata there are not Giorgio Scalvini And Wilfried Gnontothe youngest scorer in the history of the senior national team: Atalanta And Zurich they said no to their participation…

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“The journey of the heroes”, the docufilm on the champions of the ’82 World Cup. Collovati: “A group as important as the cup”

ROME – The boys of the Brancazot Army, like old friends sitting around a table, talk, laugh, joke, remember the triumph. “In the interval of the final against Germany – says Cabrini – Bearzot took me by the collar of my shirt and attached me to the wall. Antognoni had to throw a penalty, but…

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Serie A, the play-off for the championship and relegation is back in the event of a tie on points

ROME – Scudetto and relegation, in case of arrival on equal points, will be decided by a play-off. Show that is added to the show for the first and third last position in the ranking of the A league. Head-to-head clashes and detached rankings, goodbye. A proposal put forward on Tuesday by the Lega Council…

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