• June 5, 2023

Crowd in Bologna, with Mahmood the finale of Repubblica delle Idee

“The uncertain future? The results come with commitment, if one is determined. I think it is important not to listen to many opinions, it is better to ask only the best friends, family members. Then feel the instinct a lot. And commit oneself”. IS Alexander Mahmood29 years old and two-time winner of Sanremo to close…

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Michela Marzano, the fascist grandfather, the pain of memory: how to overcome trauma

Remember or forget? This is the dilemma posed this morning, together with about fifty people – mostly women – the philosopher Michela Marzano in the workshop of Repubblica delle Idee, in the Sala Tassinari. Remembering, says the philosopher, “because otherwise the past risks acting on us. Or forgetting to survive, especially with respect to a…

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