• June 5, 2023

ECB, extraordinary meeting to take stock of the markets. Anti-spread measures on the table

MILAN – Extraordinary meeting by the central bankers of the ECB to take stock “on the situation of the markets”, officially says a spokesman. At the Eurotower there is therefore the need to understand why the reaction of the price lists and especially of the spreads was so vehement, after the announcement last Thursday of…

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The stock exchanges today, 9 June 2022. Time for the ECB: Lagarde ready to call the first rate hike

MILAN – 9:15 am. It’s time for big changes in the ECB house: squeezed between an economy that slows down due to the war in Ukraine and the price rush, as just outlined by the OECD, the Eurotower is preparing to announce the first rate hike (expected in July) and the end of the purchases…

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