• June 5, 2023

Family businesses, young people at risk of flight: passing the torch is not the priority

From university benches to family businesses, the transition is far from obvious. At least according to what emerges from the study on the succession intentions of Italian university students belonging to entrepreneurial families, conducted by Liuc Family Business Lab (Fabula) – Cattaneo University and the Center for Young and Family Enterprise (Cyfe) of the University…

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Special waste, the lack of plants costs the country 1 billion euros a year

Italy leader in the recycling and recovery of special waste but due to the absence of aadequate network of treatment plantslose one billion euros the year due toexport. This is the complaint that emerges from the report “Environment, Energy, Work – The centrality of waste from economic activities” presented by Assoambiente (Association of Environmental Services…

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