• June 5, 2023

The hens come from Asia and have only lived with humans for 3500 years

Today chickens and hens live almost everywhere. But where did they come from? Where and when were they domesticated by man, starting their journey around the world with us? Strange to say, being such common animals, but science still has little certainty about their origin. However, an international research consortium believes that it has solved…

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The salty Po and the limits of adaptation

It is an alarm that we have all read about in recent days: in the Po delta, also thanks to its low level due to the drought of recent months, sea water is “going up” the river. In reality, already the rise in sea level and the strong draining of water of the last decades…

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The alarm of farmers: besieged by price increases, the government is curbing the cost of diesel and energy

“The government must approve a new flow decree as soon as possible: only in this way will it be possible to prevent part of the fruit and vegetable production from being left in the fields and to secure the harvest “. The request comes from Cristiano Fini, a few weeks ago national president of the…

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