• June 8, 2023

Ballottaggio Verona, Sboarina rejects the semblance with Tosi: “No to the agreements of the Palace, I prefer consistency”

Federico Sboarina refuses appearance with Flavio Tosi the ballot for the administrative in Verona. You announced it earlier in a press conference. Sboarina7 points behind (40% vs 33%) compared to the center-left candidate, Damiano Tommasi, he will essentially try to recover by counting on the coalition, with the Lega, Fdi and Brugnaro list in it,…

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Salvini: “It’s complicated to stay in government if it doesn’t cut taxes”

Repent of being al government? “No. In a time of epidemic with full hospitals and the president Mattarella who asks if you are there, I take off my Lega shirt and keep the Italian one and I say yes. Then if I was counting on earning votes, I say no and I didn’t earn them.…

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Administrative 2022, as it is voted in the Municipalities. Here are the three ballots

The ballot is always blue for all 978 Municipalities to vote. But it is different depending on the size of the municipalities: over 15,000 inhabitants, under 5,000 and between 5,000 and 15,000. Administrative elections are held on Sunday 12 June. In a single day, with seats open from 7 to 23, we vote to elect…

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