Weather forecast, Charon arrives: hot week with peaks up to 43 degrees

Weather forecast, Charon arrives: hot week with peaks up to 43 degrees

( After Hannibal and Scipione, the third and very hard African anticyclone of the summer 2022 is about to arrive, although from a strictly astronomical point of view the season has yet to begin: he, Charon, is already preparing.

Charon in literature and myth is one of the guardians of Dante’s hell, depicted with red eyes like burning embers and intent on ferrying sinful souls who will be punished for eternity in Hades. Charon in the popular imagination in recent years has become increasingly synonymous with suffocating heat, and it will be so starting from Monday 20 June.

So we are going to face at least one week (or 10 days) among the hottest ever for the month of June and absolutely in the summer season with peaks of 38 ° C in Valpadana and 40/43 ° in Foggiano and in the inland areas of the Sardinia and Sicily; Charon
will represent a double metaphor: on the one hand it will transport us to a period characterized by so-called “infernal” heat, on the other
it will take us to the heart of summer, that period between the solstice of 21 June and the beginning of July, historically and climatologically one of the hottest.

Speaking of the solstice, let’s remember for the record that it is the longest day of the year (it lasts 15 hours and 14 minutes) and at 13.12 the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. On this day the sun rises at around 5.35am and sets around 20.50pm.

Antonio Sanòdirector and founder of the site, warns that the beating heart of Charon will begin to overheat the North as early as Monday, then it will affect the Center and finally also the South. On the day of the summer solstice in some Italian cities they will break records
maximum temperatures that had lasted since the fiery summer of 2003. For example, in Bologna 36 ° C is forecast compared to 34 in 2003, as well as in Milan and in many cities in Veneto and Emilia.

In the Center-South, temperatures will begin to escalate from Wednesday / Thursday with maximum values ​​up to 38 ° C in Rome, 37 in Florence, 40 in Foggia, Matera, Catanzaro, Taranto and even beyond on the inland areas of the two major islands. .

In addition to the heat during the day we will also have to deal with tropical nights. These occur when the night temperature never drops below 20 C and next week’s nights in many Italian cities will have just this characteristic.


Monday 20. In the north: sun and intense heat. In the center: sunny and warm. In the south: prevailing sun.

Tuesday 21. In the north: sun and heat on the rise, thunderstorms in the Alps. In the center: all sun and heat. In the south: clear skies everywhere.

Wednesday 22. In the north: rising clouds in the Northwest, slight thermal heat and some more precipitation. In the center: lots of sun and rising heat. In the south: prevailing sun, the heat increases.

Trend. Charon inflames the Center-South with peaks of 43 ° C, thermal fluctuations in the North.


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