• May 28, 2023

Udine, freezing showers and 500 calories a day: fake doctor pushed girls to anorexia on social networks

He knew girls on social media and drove them to anorexia. They didn’t have to eat more than 500 calories a day. She asked for pornographic photos and videos in exchange for gifts and an intimate banquet. Thanks to a 15-year-old girl, after a hospitalization for eating disorders, which she had the courage to report, a person was identified, who called himself ‘coach pro-Ana‘, by the Postal Police of Trieste and Udine with the coordination of the Cncpo (National Coordination Center for Online Child Pornography). The man, a 40-year-old freelancer residing in central Italy, already convicted of child pornography, who presented himself as a doctor on social media profiles and on his blog even though he never earned his degree, had hooked up dozens of underage girls, he found a way to win their trust and lead them to practice dangerous weight loss practices.

Showers and water, the coach’s dangerous advice

Among the advice that the man gave to the girls, in addition to the very few calories, there is: drink a lot of water to soothe the sense of hunger and that of taking ice-cold showers to stimulate the body to waste more energy, a practice that had almost resulted in fainting. the girl who denounced also said that the ‘coach’ also encouraged the carrying out of cuts and anticonservative acts to be carried out without the knowledge of the parents, all as per documented practice with the filming of the injuries and the losing body. With the girl’s consent, through sophisticated digital forensics acquisition techniques, the agents recovered part of the chat and multimedia content sent to the victim. The ‘coach’ asked for child pornography images and videos in exchange for money and gifts which also consisted in the proposal of intimate clothing to be collected from well-known clothing chains appreciated by the youngest. The crossing of thousands of computer data led to the identification of the 40-year-old and the investigative findings examined by the deputy prosecutor of Trieste Lucia Baldovin, owner of the investigations, led to the issue of a search decree.

New social profile

On a new social profile opened only two days earlier, the man had already hooked 8 girls to induce them to dangerous slimming practices, some of which had sent him self-eliminating messages and photographs even during the search activity.

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