• May 29, 2023

M5S, trial of Di Maio. What happened during the night at the National Council, Conte “regretted”

Luigi Di Maio ends up in the crosshairs of the National Council of the Movement for having harshly criticized the no to new weapons to Ukraine. But for now there is no mention of his expulsion. The leader, Giuseppe Conte, during the meeting called urgently to discuss what had happened, he said he was very saddened by the words used by the head of the Farnesina about his own political strength. And, in the end, he must mediate between the toughest wing of the M5s, according to which the Foreign Minister would have moved away from his origins and would now have other projects and who instead pushes to heal the rift.

During the four-hour night meeting – partly in presence, partly by videoconference – with the 14 members of the Council, the line on the resolution that will have to be voted in the Senate on Tuesday, in conjunction with the communications of Prime Minister Mario Draghi before to leave for Brussels: the Movement will continue to mediate with the rest of the majority on the unitary resolution, reaffirming the centrality of Parliament, but without creating problems.

The M5S distrusts Di Maio but freezes the expulsion

by Lorenzo De Cicco

Therefore, no reference to weapons, but to a military de-escalation and to the centrality of Parliament. “The Euro-Atlantic line has never been questioned”, the draft drawn up by some pentastellated senators calling for a stop to arms in Kiev, “has never been shared”, underlines one of the participants at the summit.

It was precisely this document, once put into circulation, that triggered the conflict. “It misaligns us from the alliance of NATO and the EU” and “if we misalign ourselves from NATO we endanger Italy’s security”, commented Di Maio very harshly. Attracting the ire of the contiani, in particular of the vice-president of the Movement, Riccardo Ricciardi, who had called it “a foreign body” hoping for measures. Hence the hypothesis, ricocheted throughout the day, of an expulsion (or self-expulsion) of the Foreign Minister.

Which for its part has not taken any step back. And not even the National Council – which in any case technically could not have done so – seems to want to follow this path. At least for now. The final note of the meeting should be released in the morning. The clash appears only in stand-by, waiting to be able to explode at a less delicate moment for the country.

Di Maio towards the farewell but will not found a personal party

by Matteo Pucciarelli

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