“By train, the two of us alone”: Laura Pausini traveling with her daughter – iO Donna

"By train, the two of us alone": Laura Pausini traveling with her daughter - iO Donna

C.‘is always a first time. Even in the life of a superstar like Laura Pausini. The singer told on Instagram her first time that has the flavor of normality: a train ride alone with her daughter Paola. Something that may seem almost routine in any mom’s life. But not in that of the Italian music star, used to traveling with his team. Instead, this time, they were just mother and daughter. An experience that left its mark to the point that the singer wanted to share the emotion with her followers.

Laura Pausini and the trip alone with Paola

For the first time since she was born, Paola and I took a trip alone, by train, to Romagna, with a backpack and a handbag and we attended the Holy Confirmation of my nephew Tommaso »wrote the singer on her Instagram profile. Accompanying a mother and daughter close-up. “We dined on the lawn at large wooden tables, it was like being in a movie!” she added her. Sharing this tender moment lived with her daughter. A moment that may appear absolutely normal to most followers but that has a special meaning for her and Paola. And she explained why.

Normal life

Together we discovered a new aspect of life that I call “normal” because, even if it may seem strange to you, we always travel with many people by our side because of my job. People whom we always thank for their help but who today, thanks to their absence, have allowed us to live one of the most fantastic experiences of our life together “, underlined mother Laura. That’s why this first trip alone with her Paola is an unforgettable experience for her.

“Laura Pausini - Nice to meet you”: the trailer of the film by the Italian pop star

“Laura Pausini - Nice to meet you”: the trailer of the film by the Italian pop star

We want to repeat it

After all, the children of famous people are used to sharing their parents with the audience of fans. And these moments face to face with mum or dad become exceptional events. But the singer wants to repeat the experience in the future. “It doesn’t matter if it won’t be easy to travel in the future, if they stop us every 5 minutes to take a picture, we want to repeat this journey with new destinations, with two backpacks and hand in hand, mother and daughter“.

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A declaration of love to Paola

The singer with her partner Paolo Carta and her daughter Paola

Laura Pausini has a special bond with her little girl. And she never misses an opportunity to reiterate it on social media. From her first trip together with the little girl’s birthday and family outings: “Paola you are my life, I don’t have anything elseHe wrote in his post. A declaration of love to her little girl. Without forgetting Papa Paolo Carta: «Yes, Dad, we missed you so much».


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