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Another round, another soap: "Another tomorrow" is the novelty of Canale 5 - iO Donna

M.Adrid of today beats the Madrid of yesterday. Let’s talk about two new summer soaps aired from Monday to Friday, both Spanish, both set in Madrid. In particular we talk about Six sisters (at 4 pm on Rai 1) which has like Madrid in the early twentieth century in the backgroundand of Another tomorrow (on Canale 5 at 2.45pm) which sees its history begin in Madrid today.

Both aired in Italy recently, since the beginning of the summer, they had created great expectations. But they are taking different paths: Another tomorrow is recording excellent ratings, magnetizing to the small screen over one and a half million spectators with a share that fluctuates between 18% and 19%. Six sisters instead it is a bit disappointing, as it stops under one millionfor a share of approximately 12.5%.

Two soaps about brave women

Another tomorrow And Six sisters they have a lot in common: first of all they are both Spanish, to be precise both are produced by TVE (Spanish public TV) in collaboration with Bambù Producciones. And both they feature strong and courageous women who fight for their emancipation.

The plot of Six sisters

Six sisters tells the story of the Silva sisters (Adela is Celia Freijeiro, Francisca is María Castro, Blanca is Mariona Tena, Diana is Marta Larralde, Celia is Candela Serrat, and Elisa is Carla Díaz), you are girls beautiful, rich, of the high society of Madrid of the early twentieth century, very different from each other. They almost seem remember the four sisters March of Little Women. They face a series of ups and downs to manage the family business after the sudden death of their father.

soap opera six sisters hourly

“Six Sisters”. (Rai)

The plot of Another tomorrow

Another tomorrow instead he tells the story of a grandmother and a granddaughter, united by the strength of being unconventional and ready to revolutionize their destiny. The soap starts from today’s Madrid in which Julia (Laura Ledesma) is a career woman, then moves to Guinea in the 1950s to make the parallel with her grandmother’s story Carmen (Amparo Piñero) when he was young.

another tomorrow channel 5

in “Another tomorrow” Amparo Pinero is Carmen. (Mediaset)

The plays: Six sisters cala

The first episode went well for both soaps. Another tomorrow immediately (first broadcast on June 6) made a bang surpassing two million viewers with a share of 23.6%. Warmer but good welcome for Six sisters that on May 30, at the first broadcast, it scored one and a half million viewers for an 18.4% share. Already the day after However Six sisters it dropped to one million and two hundred thousand viewers with a 15.6% share. And in the last few days it settled under one million viewers for a share that fluctuates around 12%.

The performance of the Another tomorrow which, although decreasing compared to the beginning, thrills between one million and six hundred thousand and one million and eight hundred thousand people, for a share between 18% and 19%.

Un Posto al Sole turns 25: the wishes of the former soap actors

Un Posto al Sole turns 25: the wishes of the former soap actors

Spain confirms itself as the “queen” of soap operas

In the current ideal “duel” of the soaps in the afternoon daytime range, a Spanish soap still wins. It must be said that in Spain it was more successful Six sisterswhich aired with a single season from 2015 to 2017. Another tomorrow instead it only aired one year until February 2022, when was canceled for low ratings.

The curiosity is that other successful soap such as The secret And A life are Spanish (also Spanish House of Paper beloved series available on Netflix). The secret ran for eight years until May 2021. A life it will still be on the air until the end of the year, but then it will end since in Spain it already ended in May of last year.

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Just as the two soaps in the fight have the same production company, also The secret And A life they were produced by the same company: Boomerang tv. While however Six sisters is in Rai and Another tomorrow on Mediaset, The secret And A life they are both soap Mediaset.


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