• June 8, 2023

What to see on Netflix in June 2022? Recommended TV series

It’s a June full of news and highly anticipated returns for Netflix subscribers. Like every month, the streaming platform enriches its catalog with the most followed TV series.
Recommended Netflix Series June 2022
Get ready for a big comeback this June: Tommy Shelby returns with the last act of “Peaky Blinders”. And he doesn’t stop there, the super-students of the “Umbrella Academy” also return, in a third season that promises to be unmissable as usual. The real twist, however, will only come at the end of the month, when the first season of “The Paper House: Korea” will be released. Let’s make an overview of the best TV series to watch this month!

Peaky Blinders – Sixth Season

As anticipated, many appointments are expected this month. First of all, the sixth and final season of “Peaky Blinders”, the ending of which as already announced, will be revealed in a subsequent film. Cillian Murphy will once again return as Thomas Shelby, but the series will have one big lack: that of Helen McCroy, aka Aunt Polly, who passed away while filming the new season. But despite the important loss of her, business goes on.

Thomas intercepts one of the most powerful gangsters on the American continent, the target? Make a deal. However this will not prove easy due to Oswald Mosley’s plans, president of the English fascist partyand at war with the Shelbys for overseas power.

The Umbrella Academy – Third Season

The June Netflix collection can also count on the third season of “Umbrella Academy”. After saving the world from the end, the boys they return home but there is a bitter surprise waiting for them: they were catapulted into a parallel world. It is there that they meet the members of the Sparrow Academy, like them endowed with power but also a pinch of extra madness. But soon an even greater new threat arises to wreak havoc on the universe: to know what it is we will have to wait until next June 22!

God’s Favorite Idiot

Clark Thompson, is employed in a computer company. One day he realizes he has supernatural abilities, and the people around him begin to believe that it may be God’s work. And this is indeed the case: Clark discovers that he has been chosen as God’s messenger to prevent an imminent Apocalypse from destroying humanity. Will he succeed?

The paper house: Korea

But the series that will capture the curiosity of viewers will undoubtedly be the Korean version of “The paper house”. Judging from the trailer, the series emulates in all respects the Spanish version of the same name and probably aspires to achieve the same success. Nine thieves, one robbery: who will stay alive? We will find out on June 24th!

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