• June 8, 2023

Weather, alarm in the EU: fire risk in Italy, Spain and France

A new heat wave has hit Europe, with peaks of over 40 degrees in France and Spain, and up to 38 degrees in Germany. Authorities warn of the risk of fires in the western Mediterranean region, as high temperatures and a long period of drought have created favorable conditions for the spread of fires. The EU Commission’s Emergency Management Service, Copernicus, reported that the risk of fires is “extreme” and “very extreme” in Sardinia, Sicily and other parts of mainland Italy, most of Spain, as well as in the French valley. of the Rhone river.

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Block 27 has provided 12 firefighting planes and a helicopter to assist countries struggling with major fires this summer. Meteorologists in France called the situation “truly exceptional” and predicted a peak of 43 ° C, before thunderstorms bring cooler weather from the Atlantic. Experts say the early heat wave is a sign of what will happen in the future, as climate change makes the extreme temperatures normally seen only in July and August more likely even in June.

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Meanwhile, they are “complicated” kings in the Spanish region of Navarre, where they are struggling to contain several fires reported since yesterday: the situation is particularly difficult with regard to five fires currently considered “out of control”, according to the latest official update. The authorities call for “keeping calm” and avoiding “unnecessary travel”.

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On the other hand, the situation regarding the fire that broke out in the Sierra de la Culebra, in the province of Zamora (Castile and Léon) seems to be improving: after the drop in temperatures in the last few hours, the firefighters managed to contain the expansion of the stake, now considered “stabilized”. However, the alert remains high due to the strong wind blowing over the area, the news agency says Efe. A fire also remains active in the interior of Catalonia.

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