• May 29, 2023

Viktoria Apanasenko, from the soup kitchens for Ukrainian soldiers to Miss Universe

When the war began, she too decided to lend a hand, giving up the role of the model and influencer for a while and volunteering to help the most fragile population and soldiers destined for the front. But now Viktoria Apanasenko will put aside the gloves used to distribute food to the elderly, children and displaced persons to go back to dressing costumes and evening dresses in the most prestigious beauty pageant.

For this year’s edition of Miss Universe, the Ukrainian organization has chosen her, who came second in the national ranking of 2021, given the impossibility of organizing a new event at this time. “It was a dream of mine since childhood. I love my Ukraine very much and it is a great honor to represent it internationally,” said Apanasenko.

Originally from Chernihiv, a degree in Social Services from the Psychology faculty of Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv, as a model she is committed to supporting the spread of national brands. According to the Ukrainian organization of the competition, the 28-year-old “is actively fighting for the victory of Ukraine on the information front and is a volunteer”. In recent weeks, Viktoria has offered her help at the Naive restaurant in Kiev, which she cooks for the battalions of the Armed Forces and for the elderly.


Now he will try to make his contribution through the catwalks. “It is very important to keep talking about war. We need the support of other countries to save the lives of our people and stop Russia’s cruelty. I am aware of the responsibility of being one of Ukraine’s ambassadors on the international stage at such a time. difficult and terrible, to speak with the voice of all the women of our country. During my volunteer work – she told the local media – looking into the eyes of our people, I saw incredible strength and power. beauty. I will fight not for my victory, but for the victory of my country “.

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