• June 5, 2023

The importance of lightness to face the toughest periods

LLightness is not synonymous with superficiality and learning to cultivate it can help overcome negative moments

There lightness it is often considered a bad thing because it is confused with superficiality or with a simplistic and banal approach to life. However lightness it is not synonymous with stupidityfar from it, and many writers and poets have also said it over the centuries.

To write one of the most cited and appreciated thoughts on the subject was Italo Calvino, which he argued was fundamental “take life lightly. What lightness is not superficiality, but gliding over things from above, not having boulders on the heart ».

This tip is valid in every area of ​​existence but even more so when facing particularly tough timeswhich if weighed down by an additional emotional burden can undoubtedly become more complex to overcome.

What it means to live lightly

When you are going through a moment of difficulty is very difficult to be able to take things lightlyalso because this attitude is almost always associated with happiness or in any case with a positive emotional state.

The challenge, however, is precisely thisbeing able to live following this teaching even in times when things are bad and the temptation to let go of negative and heavy thoughts is very strong.

Live lightly it does not mean not thinking about the situation that you are trying on your own skin but try not to be overwhelmed, riding the problems so as not to deny them, but not even to allow them to get the better of everything.

Undoubtedly, lightness alone does not serve to resolve a complex or negative situation, but to give it a new interpretation yes, and also not to focus on the reason that makes the negative periodall their energies.

Looking at things lightly shouldn’t even be confused with doing it without giving them the right weight, but rather address issues with appropriate emotional detachmentwhich allows you to remain lucid and make the best decisions for yourself and for others.

Not to mention that facing the toughest periods with a little more lightness favors openness to othersie it allows the people around us to reach out to us if needed.

Finally, opening up to lightness means advance without ballast or boulders in the heart and prevent negative and toxic feelings that can only make everyday life even more negative. Hatred, resentment, thirst for revenge and hatred, are in fact enemies of lightness, while on the contrary optimism and willpower go hand in hand.

How lightness can help in bad moments

Precisely because living life according to the principle of lightness stimulates happy thoughts and proactive actions, this is the right way to face dark times, when everything seems to point towards the abyss and pessimism risks taking over.

Lightness is life and energy, precious allies of the negative moments of life, when adversities do not discount and surrender to them is easier than opposing it.

How to learn to live lightly

The methods for trying to alleviate the negative moments are different. The first and most immediate is that of rememberat least from time to time, to have a laugh. Even if in moments of greatest despair it seems difficult and useless to succeed, laughing is instead fundamental because yesthymolates endorphins and it helps to see things in the right perspective.

Also important focus on the aspects of life that in that dim moment instead they are working. Rarely, in fact, is really everything to go wrong, but very often we forget about it by focusing only on the negative factors. Living lightly serves precisely to shift the gaze towards the portion of clear sky, perhaps discovering that it is larger than we remembered it.

Lightness is not only a personal affair but also concerns the people around us. Dealing in private life or in the workplace, with negative subjects or living with emotional ballast, over time it can lead you down.

Also judgments can be boulders that ballast to the ground but most of the time they come from people who know nothing of the path of the people they are addressed to. Living lightly also means being able to ignore them and not get carried away with them.

Although lightness is clearly a state of mind, very often it is also propitiated by physical factors, such as chaos or theserial accumulation.

Living in environments rich in objects and not in order makes the practice of kindness much more difficult to practice.

Relieving emotional loads without having to deal with the real ones is in fact very complex and for this reason a good idea can be to arranging cupboards, pantries and bathroom furniture, throwing away what is not needed and instead highlighting the objects that are used the most and instill positive feelings. A decluttering of the house done following one’s emotions allows you to lighten the place in which you live and represents a first step for the most relevant lightening, that of the soul.

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