Lavender, the properties of the purple summer plant – iO Donna

Lavender, the properties of the purple summer plant - iO Donna

C.almante, relaxing, balsamic, rebalancing. The qualities of lavender are almost endless. It is not by chance that it is called “The blue gold” and it is used a lot in the cosmetic world, both in skincare than in aromatherapy (and, last but not least, as an effective mosquito repellent, perfect for flowering on the balcony or as an essential oil). June is the perfect month to discover this plant and maybe get lost in the endless lavender fields.

Lavender, a versatile calming plant

Classic aroma and recognizable by allthe lavender plant has many properties, some very old, already known since the times of the ancient Romans when it was used to perfume the waters of thermal baths and for infusions and decoctions for skin and hair.

Typical plant of the Mediterranean scrub, essential oil, distillate and perfume are extracted from lavender. All three used in cosmetics, what makes lavender so versatile and rich in properties is the presence in the flowers and leaves of linalool, a substance that acts in a calming way especially on the central nervous system but not only.

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Essential oil: benefits for the skin

The best known property of lavender is its soothing onein fact it is a fundamental ally to fight insomnia and stress.

The essential oil, the distillate and the perfume, on the other hand, perform different functions in skincare.

The essential oil of lavender it is used in skincare products, particularly in those specific for oily skin, for its purifying function. In fact, it allows you to fight the presence of pimples and even acne. Not only that, the oil is also very invigorating and illuminatinghelps the skin to regain tone and maintain a healthy complexion.

The distillate, to calm skin irritations

On the other hand, the distillate: with a more delicate action than oil, it acts by calming and soothing. In particular it is ideal in the summer for soothe sunburn and irritation caused by the sun and salt water. Also perfect for the most delicate and sensitive skin, which tends to redden, performs a relieving action. In addition, the distillate is also the ideal ally for fight dark circles and bags precisely for its decongestant action.

The perfume, to relax the mind

The scent instead it is perhaps the best known, both as an olfactory note within a fragrance and as a “solo”. In this case, in fact, it is thefundamental ingredient of relaxing sprays suitable for both fabrics and the environment.

The perfume releases all its own relaxing powerwhen sprayed on pillowcases and sheets before going to bed, it also helps to calm and relax the mind. Not to be underestimated, lavender is also ideal for children.

Aromatherapy lavender bath to chase away negativity

Not just cosmetics though. Since ancient times, lavender has also been recognized as having some almost magical powers, which is why it is the protagonist of purification and anti-negativity rites.. In fact, in addition to reconciling sleep, it is said to give serenity to domestic environments and protect from adversity. A custom still adopted today is in fact that of hang a lavender bouquet behind the front door to ward off adversity and misfortune.

To chase away “negative halos” – at least from the mood – we recommend take a bath in lavender: first they are done boil the flowers together with rosemary and angelica, in a liter of water. Then yes combines with the hot tub water and you dive in. All for about a week.

Discovering Provençal lavender

Lavender Museum

Symbol of Provence, the South of France is the ideal place to get to know this plant and June, particularly from the end of the month, is the perfect time to enjoy the spectacle of lavender in bloom. The best known area? The Luberon. In Coustellet, to be precise, there is the Lavender Museum founded by Georges Lincelé in 1991 in a Provencal farmhouse.

The aim is to spread “the art of true Provençal lavender”, so much so that today the museum has become a worldwide institution precisely for the knowledge and preservation of real lavender, through walks through the fields and interactive visits to the museum.

Route of the Lavender

And for total immersion in the purple lavender fields, there is also the Route de la Lavande, or rather Les Routes de la Lavanda.

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They are in fact about 1000 km starting from Grasse and up to Montélimar to be traveled from the end of June, when it begins to bloom in Southern Provence at the end of July, around the 20th of July the last flowering of the Valence area.


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