Insurance for dogs and cats? What does it cover and when it pays off

Insurance for dogs and cats?  What does it cover and when it pays off

Lo owners of four legs know well: a puppy is a member of the family. His presence at our side, however, entails responsibilities and risks from which the insurance for dogs and cats protects us (and it). A hot topic, above all on the eve of these hot summer holidays.

More than 11 million Italians who will leave in the company of their pet. And, you know, on vacation the possibility of a health problem or a misstep of the animal must be taken into account.

The basic cost is 45/75 euros per year

From veterinary expenses to damage to property and people, up to solutions in case of loss. Dog and cat insurance is becoming so popular that more and more car and home companies are planning extensions for pets. Civil liability alone costs on average 75 euros a year for dogs, less for cats, even if the costs change according to the items to be included and the race. The first warning, according to, a portal that compares insurance offers, is to read carefully the eventualities excluded from coverage.

Gatto falls from the grandstand, the audience saves him in an incredible way

Gatto falls from the grandstand, the audience saves him in an incredible way

Breeds and ages change insurance for dogs and cats

For example, some breeds (Pitbull, Rottweiler and Dogo argentino) are considered dangerous and companies can apply higher deductibles or even decide not to insure the animal. Another discriminating factor could be the age of the animal: some companies only insure aged animals greater than 2 months and less than 10 years.

A necessary condition for dog and cat insurance to be valid is that the dog or cat are registered with a microchip (or tattoo), health card and regularly vaccinated. Naturally, any damage caused or suffered by the animal in case of use in activities prohibited by law as well as for professional activities are not covered.

Civil liability

The basic policy, which includes the reimbursement of civil liability damages, can be purchased as an additional option of the head of the household or on its own and covers damages to third parties (death, injury, other personal injuries) and property. Beware of those that exclude damage to the owner’s family members.

Health care

You can get reimbursement of veterinary expenses incurred, the assistance of experts and you can rely on the veterinary centers indicated by the company. Some policies also include the search service of the animal in case of loss. But, depending on the level of insurance, various events may be excluded (such as spaying, dental treatment, removing a tumor if it comes back) and some categories of dogs (those who do hunting, professional, competition). For this coverage, the average cost starts at around 100 euros per year. In some cases, drug reimbursement is also provided.

cat and dog with veterinarian

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Nutritionists and dog sitters

A new phenomenon is to also ensure other items and assistance services: for example, to have a telephone consultation with a veterinarian or a consultation with a specialized nutritionist. Other possibilities, the sending of food or basic necessities or a dog sitter in cases where the owner, following an injury or illness, could not look after him.

Legal protection

In the event of a dispute over the damage suffered or caused by a pet, it will cover the expenses of a lawyer.

Travel, insurance for dogs and cats

It goes frominsurance which protects the four-legged passenger in the event of a road accident (obviously provided that the animal is transported according to the rules of the Highway Code) to the one whosupport owners when facing emergencies, such as sudden illness or dog injury. Some offer telephone assistance, others provide for reimbursement of veterinary expenses incurred. Some companies provide some sort of dthe operations center to help organize holidaystracking down pet-friendly establishments and restaurants.

Is it lost? There are Pet boxes and dedicated telephone lines

Those who do not want to take risks can choose to equip their four-legged friend with one pet box, a special black box that allows you to follow his movements in real time and track him in case of escape or theft. Some companies intervene in case you get lost on vacation, dedicating a toll-free number to collect sighting reports and, if necessary, paying any costs for the recovery of the animal. Or they reimburse any transport tickets necessary to reach the place of discovery or the costs of the kennel / cattery that hosted their beloved four-legged friend.

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