How to use LinkedIn to train and learn more about your work

LinkedIn is not only used to find work but also to improve in your sector and learn specific knowledge

LinkedIn and the social network to find work. Often when we hear about this digital platform we liquidate it in this way and despite it being an accuracy, this definition risks being limiting, given that LinkedIn it serves this but also much more, obviously always in the workplace. For example, it can also be particularly suitable for those who already have a job but intend to improve and be more and more prepared.

What is LinkedIn

Although it does not show its age at all because it is constantly updated with new functions and contents, LinkedIn is now twenty years old, having been born in 2002. Since then, anyone looking for work or wanting to join contact with professionals of the most disparate sectors has created an account and started using it, also because despite numerous attempts at imitations, LinkedIn remains the best working social network in circulation. In addition, its longevity also makes it the largest in the world and the richest in content and names.

The primary use most people make is to create their own personal page, in the hope of attract the attention of some recruit or employer. Obviously this is the first step to take and the profile must be done in the best possible way, complete with photos, description of the head that clearly explains who you are and what work you do, previous experiences, skills and motivations. All this, however, is not enough.

Believing that LinkedIn is just a sort of online curriculum is in fact wrong because the potential of this virtual platform is much more and, above all, it does not run out when a job is found.

How to use LinkedIn to improve yourself

Another peculiarity of the social network of work is contact people from the same work environmentwhich probably in other ways would never have the opportunity to get to know each other, but who through the network can take the opportunity to create networks, common projects or even just share their experiences enriching each other.

The most immediate way to take advantage of LinkedIn to improve in the workplace is just this: form virtual relationshipsi, and why not, later real, with people who work in their field and from which you believe you can learn something. Do not limit yourself, therefore, to add or accept contact requests only from friends and acquaintances but also open up to strangers.

The initial step to move in this direction, of course, is to type in the search bar a full name if you are looking for a specific person, or a profession or a work field, in case you do not have a specific goal.

What will appear after clicking “search” will be a list of more or less known names, of which scrutinize the profiles and content posted from which to draw inspiration, ideas or simply new notions that can allow you to do your job better.

After this preliminary, if someone intrigues you more than others do not be afraid to contact them, social networks are just for this, to make people talk to each other. In this case an interview with a person you consider competent in your professional field will only increase your competence or dispel any specific doubts. Furthermore, you may find that perhaps the profile in question was also looking for a colleague with whom to exchange some tips.

How to use LinkedIn to train

Create a network of contacts and drawing on the experiences of others to improve one’s preparation is the simplest and most immediate method to exploit the potential of working social par excellence but obviously it is not the only one. The platform, in fact, also offers a lot of extra options that may escape a less attentive eye but which can really represent opportunities to be seized on the fly. An underrated but very useful section is Linkedin Learning.

As can be guessed from the name itself, this is a segment specialized in online training that accompanies you step by step in the search for the ideal job and in the improvement of your profession in case you already have a job but intend to progress.

By logging into LinkedIn Learning, you can view the titles of several online courses structured and taught by specialized teachers, in which to participate to increase their professional skills, but also the secondary skillswhich have become more and more required and decisive to make a difference in the office and beyond.

Take the time to identify the lessons that are right for you and then attend them helps to improve and to find new stimuli, whether you are looking for new job opportunities, or if your ambition is just to stay up to date on the latest news and developments in the sector.

There training punctual, in fact, is always a great tool to keep up and despite being often underestimated, LinkedIn is among the best places to find new ideas or fill gaps.

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