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Antonella Baccaro

Antonella Baccaro (photo by Carlo Furgeri Gilbert).

M.I have lately been asked by many men what equality we women still want to achieve, given that we are now “everywhere”.

And down a list of ladies who hold positions of power which is reduced to a few names, the usual ones, and which should appease our ambitions.

I have a hard time, I confess, every time, to summarize the numbers of inequality which, moreover, everyone knows.

It is as if, in the space of a few years, those numbers have lost their evidence, surpassed by a narrative that sees us as winners and that should silence us once and for all.

The fact is that we too, who still see that crystal ceiling very well, are tired of having to repeat the same things over and over again: what is difficult to understand in the fact that there is still no equal wage between men and women in 2022?

What is so complicated to grasp in the fact that even today the prospect (even just the prospect) of a motherhood becomes an element of discrimination at work?

Violence against women: the numbers and the effect of the pandemic

Violence against women: the numbers and the effect of the pandemic

Yet there is something that does not work if these arguments no longer “pierce” and if more and more men feel entitled to even fight back, saying: “Now, that’s enough: we are the discriminated against”.

As in all revolutions there is a turning point, which only turns back. My personal feeling is that feminism, even in its most pragmatic form of struggle for equal opportunities, has reached this turning point and that it needs to renew its tools of struggle in order to restart.

What these new “weapons” are is yet to be discovered. But I understood something by reading the story of the Indian pariah girls who founded the newspaper Khabar Lahariyagoing around remote villages to gather news and lobbying to solve problems related to poverty but also to inequality.

Their battles are convincing because they immediately appear right but also because they involve everyone.

The key is this: women’s battles should be more inclusive and involve those of other discriminated realities, in an alliance that defeats inequality in all its forms. Sisterhood cannot be everything.

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