• May 29, 2023

Aquaman 2: will there be Amber Heard? All we know

The trial between Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seemed to be taking place monopolized any discussion for a straight monthalso thanks to the live television and streaming of the entire criminal procedure, which therefore was accessible to millions of people around the world. amber heard aquaman 2

The proceeding ended a few weeks ago with a much discussed sentence and that mostly was in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. Many speculations were therefore widespread both during and after the trial, about Amber Heard’s careerconsidered by many now on the avenue of the sunset, so much so that it seemed his exclusion from Aquaman 2 is now certain, the DC blockbuster, of which Heard was the female counterpart: is this really the case?

Amber Heard: Reduced and cut scenes in Aquaman 2

During the trial between Heard and Depp, public opinion has largely sided in favor of the actor, not offering Amber much support. One was also born in those days petition (which has millions of signatures) to oust Amber Heard from Aquaman 2the blockbuster coming out in March 2023 that sees the actress return in the role of Merathe sweetheart of the marine superhero.

Already during the criminal proceedings it was revealed that the role of Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 had been reduced within the film, but not because of the process she was involved in. In fact the reason, as explained in the classroom by one of the film’s producers, it was due to the poor chemistry that had been on the set between Heard and Momoathe actor who plays Aquaman.

However, in the last few days then the news spread that, as reported by Just Jared, an American gossip site, Amber Heard had been permanently removed from the DC film. But is it really so?

Is it true that Amber Heard was canceled from Aquaman 2?

It would seem that the news reported in these hours on the matter the elimination of the role of Amber Heard from the film Aquaman 2 are just rumorsfor now not confirmed.

To intervene in this regard was the actress’s spokesperson who told Variety: “Heard rumors outside Aquaman 2 continue just like day one” and that would be therefore “inaccurate, insensitive and even somewhat insane”.

This would therefore seem a denial in all respects on the possible removal of the actress from the DC project, however the film will only be in theaters in March 2023, so there may be more updates before then.

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