• May 28, 2023

Welcome to the ” Green village ”, behind the scenes of Elisa’s eco-sustainable tour

In Elisa’s new tour, the paradigm that combines live events and environmental sustainability seems to be overturned, in a dimension in which the green side is an integral part of the concert and goes hand in hand with social involvement. The starting point for the artist is the appointment by the United Nations as Advocate / Champion of the UN SDG Action Campaign. From here the idea of ​​the Green villagea sustainable space dedicated to ecological themes that will follow Elisa in many stages of hers Back to the future Tour and who made his debut atHeroes Festivalthis year dedicated to environmental sustainability which was held in Verona from 27 to 31 May, of which the singer was artistic director.

Just outside the location chosen for the concert, you can move between organic markets, play areas for children, talk and music, green workshops, small stages, real grass areas on which to stand barefoot or stretched out looking at the sky, chairs deck chairs and tables and refreshment corners. The designer from Bari thought about designing it Vittorio Palumbofor years engaged in projects of involvement, self-production and sustainable reinterpretation of classic models linked to art, design and social and cultural innovation.

Green & Blue Festival, Elisa’s green notes: “We live an illusion on the environment”

“This is a world that goes hand in hand with the tour. – says Palumbo – To carry out the project I designed we used only FSC certified wood, therefore coming from dedicated crops and not from forests. Naturally zero plastic, real lawn and energy certified from renewable sources. It is a temporary space, designed in a modular way, I designed the furniture and the chairs at variable heights so as to transport them in a stackable way and occupy a third of the space otherwise necessary. It is a village designed to be aesthetically beautiful, attractive. Because environmental sustainability is and must be cool “.

So there is also the permanent exhibition “Design for peace”, conceived and created by Palumbo, with an itinerary of wooden lights typical of the Apulian patronal feasts revisited with large flowers and symbols of peace together with the Afro-Apulian luminous masks designed and built with migrants and asylum seekers. Because without social involvement it wouldn’t have made the same sense. First of all, starting with the construction: bringing everything from Bari to Verona would have involved a waste of energy and resources. Then Palumbo made use of the collaboration of the Veronese laboratory Reverse IN for the realization on the spot: a prison economy project that has been managed for years within the Verona prison and through which people in prison are trained and hired. Then it was necessary that the village had lived. And from here comes the involvement of Fridays for Future, Coldiretti, Legambiente and the local realities to be identified on each date for talks, initiatives for the re-appropriation of spaces, concerts and above all meeting people.

But the issue of environmental sustainability is now an integral part of an ongoing discussion in the world of events and concerts, with their potential pollution load which, however, can be limited. Heroes Festival and its eco-village are part of a project by Music Innovation Hub of Milan of which Palumbo was a designer. And who has drawn up a special protocol for the realization of sustainable events, with the Polytechnic of Milan: “The message we want to convey is that the ecology of a movementist must become something everyday. So even those involved in organizing concerts must make some solutions. – explains Dino Lupelli, general manager of Music Innovation Hub – The music industry can become sustainable in the future, as long as it rethinks some paradigms, from the materials that can be used to the reflection on new concert schedules, thus avoiding the use of energy for lighting. The role of promoters must move towards a different vision, to experiment with new forms of sustainability. The habits of spectators must be transformed, bringing everything back to a human dimension “.

Green & Blue Festival, Elisa sings Led Zeppelin: the extraordinary cover

The protocol collects actions and behaviors to be followed during all phases of planning, organization and management of an event. With guidelines for assessing the environmental, social and governance impact of live shows and a scale of scores to identify the most virtuous events thanks to a pre and post concert data collection, in order to classify it as compliant (up to 99 points ), proactive (from 100 to 199 points) or generative (from 200 to 300 points). They range from the choice of sponsors, to the certification of the impact on the environment of the area hosting the concert, to raising awareness on the correct behaviors that the public must have, eco-sustainable scenographies, the use of reusable or even second-rate materials for the staging. hand or even the eco-friendliness of the merchandising.

A social involvement to achieve environmental sustainability, as in the logic of the Green village. “We needed the elderly and children to find themselves in a common space, for the residents to rediscover places that have not been experienced. Only in this way can the desire to take care of the world develop, to build a better future together, now. – reflects Vittorio. Palumbo – Design and art have the ethical and political task and responsibility of opening up to the territories and planning creative and sustainable processes of inclusion and social justice, and therefore of peace. If in our playground children can play with adults wooden constructions are accustomed to the existence of alternative materials, they are influenced by different models than usual. We enter a different dimension in which people are directly involved. So much so that in the five days in Verona 10 thousand have passed by the Green village. And music is the ideal glue “. It will be directly the agency that organizes the tour of Elisa, Friends & Partner, to take care of the transport of the ecovillage and its adaptation to the spaces of the single dates.

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