Weather forecast, it will be the hottest June since 2003: a relay of African anticyclones is coming

Weather forecast, it will be the hottest June since 2003: a relay of African anticyclones is coming There is no good news in terms of heat and drought at least for the next seven days. The African anticyclone Scipio who has kept us company up to now will in fact give way to another anticyclonic figure of sub-tropical origin, in a sort of relay that will redden Italy, especially over the next week, causing some records to fall. of temperature.

We are experiencing an early phase of Summer with a positive thermal anomaly of about 6 ° C compared to the reference climatic averages, but next week this discrepancy will even increase up to 10 ° C. After a weekend mainly sunny it’s very hotexcept for some afternoon thunderstorms expected on Calabria and Sicily on Saturday, from Monday 20 Italy will in fact have to deal with a new and intense heat wave. The cause is to be found in the particular synoptic structure that will be created on the European chessboard. Dominating the scene will once again be the infamous African anticyclone (in spite of the milder anticyclone of the Azores) which continues to send very hot and humid air masses of sub-tropical origin (i.e. directly from inside the Sahara Desert) on the Mediterranean basin.

A sort of atmospheric block known in scientific literature as “Omega block” which effectively keeps away any perturbation. This happens when a high pressure area is squeezed at the hips by two depression centers. In this situation the anticyclonic field remains stationary for a long time, even for weeks.

That said, let’s give some numbers: the peak of this new heat wave we will most likely reach it between the summer solstice (Tuesday 21), which is likely to become the hottest since 2003 (the hottest June in Italian climate history together with 2019) and Friday 24.

This is a completely exceptional climatic weather phase with an anomaly of temperatures up to around 8 ° C more than would be expected at this time of the year. Consequently, the peaks are likely to touch peaks of 40 ° C on many cities of the Po Valley, such as a Bologna And Ferrara; as far as 37/38 ° C in Milan, Mantua And Pavia; hot climate also in the Center with peaks up to 36/38 ° C even at Rome, Terni And Florence.

It will also start to get very hot in the South, with values ​​above 36 ° C in many cities. In short, many records could collapse and therefore mark a piece of our country’s climatic history.

Mattia Gussoni, site meteorologist also warns that the hot will not let go even during the night; this third wave of African heat will make us experience even the annoying ones tropical nights.

This term has a very specific meaning: it is a climatic indicator that identifies the number of nights in the year with a minimum temperature greater than 20 ° C. It is an international value defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and is used to monitor the ongoing climate change. In fact, in recent decades we have been witnessing an ever-increasing number of this type of nights, underlining the process of climate warming that also affects our country.

Well, in the next few days, thermal values ​​of even 26/28 ° C until midnight on many cities in the Center-North.


Saturday 18. In the north: sun and heat. In the center: sunny everywhere. In the south: some afternoon thunderstorms over Calabria and south-eastern Sicily, sun elsewhere.

Sunday 19. In the north: prevailing sun and rising heat. Center: clear sky and summer heat. In the south: irregular clouds, but in a sunny context.

Monday 20. In the north: sun and intense heat. Middle: good weather, intensifying hot. In the south: sunny and gradually warmer.

Trend. Prevailing sun and hot temperatures increasing further at least until Friday 24.


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