Ukraine - Russia, news from the war today.  Russian TV publishes videos of the two veterans who disappeared in Ukraine.  Message from former Sergeant Drueke to Mom

There are videos of the Americans captured near Kharkiv and broadcast on Russian TV to mark the new day of war in Ukraine. Kiev received the Commission’s yes to the candidacy for EU membership but the path to a negotiated solution does not seem close. With Putin challenging the West (“US domination is over”) and Kiev’s foreign minister Kuleba relaunching: “With weapons we will be able to stop the Russians and recapture the territories”. “We will train thousands of Ukrainians,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, visiting Kiev for the second time. Meanwhile, civilians continue to die, at least 4 Ukrainians killed in the Moscow raids in the Donetsk region. While the United States stops the delivery of superdrons to Kiev.

War Ukraine – Russia, beyond the live: what you need to know today

06.50 Moscow: “Ukraine with the former borders is no more”

Harsh words on the future of Ukraine from the spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova: “The Ukraine we knew, within those borders, is no more. And it will no longer exist. This is obvious. Those borders are no longer there.


05.00 Who are the Americans who disappeared in Ukraine

In addition to Alexander Drueke And Andy Tai Huynha third veteran, the former Marine officer Grady Kurpasi, he has been missing in Ukraine since April. A quarter instead, Willy Joseph Cancel, was killed in May. The US administration claims it does not know where the three missing ex-soldiers are, but has advised the Americans against going or staying in Ukraine.

03.30 The family of former US sergeant Drueke rejoices: “He’s alive”

Former US Army sergeant Alexander Drueke in the video broadcast by Russian TV he addresses his mother Lois: “Mom, I just want to let you know that I’m alive and that I hope to get home as soon as possible”, he says, also sending an affectionate greeting to the dog Diesel, without revealing where he is . Aunt, Dianna Shaw, said that in the video Drueke used a keyword and a gesture already used during the mission in Iraq to reassure the family about his condition. Shortly after, the same Telegram channel also published an interview with Andy Tai Huynhin which the man claims to have been “engaged in combat with Russian troops” near the Kharkiv area.

Alexander Dueke with his mother Lois

Alexander Dueke with mother Lois (reuters)


02.50 Russian TV publishes videos of the two missing veterans

Russian TV RT published on the journalist’s social channels Roman Kosarev, videos of two US volunteers who went missing last week fighting alongside Ukrainian forces north of Kharkiv. The images show Alexander Drueke and Andy Huynh, the two US Army veterans. Yesterday, the two former US Army soldiers appeared on Russian social media with their hands tied behind their backs.

01.50 US stop on the delivery of superdrons to Kiev

The Biden administration has blocked the delivery to Ukraine of four particularly sophisticated armed drones for fear that they might end up in Russian hands. The risk is handing over sensitive information to the Moscow-led military forces. The decision concerns four Mq-1C Gray Eagle drones that can be armed with Hellfire missiles. Sophisticated radar and surveillance equipment are considered too valuable by the Pentagon in a military way.

00.34 Volunteer from Chernihiv nominated for miss Universe

The candidate for Miss Universe 2022 for Ukraine is a volunteer from Chernihiv. 32-year-old model Viktoria Apanasenko offers her help in a restaurant in Kiev (the Naive) where “she cooks food for the Armed Forces battalions and for the elderly. And she is busy distributing meals, medicines and hygiene products to children. , the elderly and the displaced “.

00.15 Zelensky: “EU candidacy historic conquest”

“We are one step away from the beginning of full integration with the EU”. The European Commission’s recommendation “on candidacy is a historic achievement, Ukrainian values ​​are European values”. This was stated by the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video message on social media. The reference is to the Commission’s recommendation to the EU Council to assign Ukraine candidate status for membership. “We just have to wait for the decision of the European Council this week,” he added.

00.00 From Canada 733 million dollars to Ukraine

Ukraine received a $ 733 million loan from Canada “to finance priority spending, and in particular to secure priority social and humanitarian species.”

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