• June 8, 2023

The cry of Torino Pride: “We are 150 thousand, still enormous steps to be taken on rights”

Thousands of people, faces, free expressions marched for the Turin Pride. Under the motto “Queer e ora” the parade of 18 wagons crosses the center of the city passing through via Cernaia, after starting from corso Principe Eugenio, to arrive in piazza Vittorio where the interventions of the associations of the Torino Pride coordination alternate. “We are 150 thousand”, say the organizers.

“There is a huge turnout – the coordinator’s first reaction Marco Giusta -, so many themes, so many energies and so many people in the square, not because they want a better future but because they want to be happy now and be themselves now “.

Many young people present at the parade, with signs and slogans but for everyone, they explain “it is a great party for rights. It is important to be there to make up the numbers”. In the first row of the procession is the mayor Stefano Lo Russo: “We would really like Turin to become the city of rights, the city that symbolically represents this battle of civilization for all and all those who today see their rights denied”.

Torino Pride, a colorful river invades the streets of the city

Lo Russo talks about the civil rights of homogenitorial families: “Italy is behind compared to many countries of the European Union and being part of the European Union means this for me, it means belonging to a country that is not among the most backward, but among those further on”.

Offenses against Gay Pride, a new sentence for the homophobic doctor De Mari

by Sarah Martinenghi

At his side the commissioner Jacopo Rosatelli: “Pride is important because once again we are here to parade not to celebrate the achievement of certain objectives but to request them. Among the objectives” a law against homolesbobitransaphobia, egalitarian marriage and citizenship for trans and non-binary people “.

Turin Pride, in the front row is Mayor Lo Russo: “On the rights of the battle of civilization”

He also intervenes on the question Vladimir Luxuria, director of Lovers film festival (the film festival dedicated to gay issues), also at the head of the Pride procession: “I hope that at least one teacher at the next high school exams will dress in women’s clothes as a sign of love for this victim, victim of social exclusion because it looked like he had committed a crime. ” Turin, he remembers, “was the first city that in 2003 allowed female students, even if transgendered, to have a university booklet, alias therefore with the chosen name, with a university. There is not only the right of students to go to school, there is also the right to transgender teachers to be able to exercise the right to work, what happened to Chloe White it is a shameful page because in fact a person has taken his own life because he has been deprived of his job, his dignity and inclusion “.

Furia: “My marriage is a mutual commitment. But also a political gesture “

by Mariachiara Giacosa

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