The bull Thor, specialist in escapes like Papillon, is taken: "Now he will live safely in the shelter"

Thor’s escape is over. The young bull who had escaped from an animal shelter in Collegno, near Turin on Wednesday afternoon, was recovered last night in the Parco della Dora area behind the Cascinotto Kennel, thanks to a “safari” for good purposes with pickup trucks that slowly surrounded the animal and narcotic darts that, after two unsuccessful attempts, finally put him asleep.

Toro escapes from the veterinary center: alarm on the outskirts of Turin

by Carlotta Rocci

Leading the operation, after notices had been issued to citizens to pay attention, were the veterinarians of the ASL To3, with the specialist in medicine for wild animals Claudio Aimone, of the local police of Collegno, the technicians of the Municipality, the Ativa motorway company, the traffic police, the carabinieri and the farmers of the area. Now Thor, young but already specialized in daring escapes, is fine and has already started eating again, in the shelter where he is a guest after escaping the slaughter.

The mayor of Collegno, Francesco Casciano, with the glassmaker Claudio Aimone who led the capture of Thor

The mayor of Collegno, Francesco Casciano, with the glassmaker Claudio Aimone who led the capture of Thor

For three days they had looked for him in the area of ​​the Dora park where he had hidden after escaping from the shelter shortly after his arrival. “As soon as possible he will come home to us”, say the volunteers of Vivi gli Animali, the non-profit organization that manages the shelter.

The story of Thor, a 15-month-old specimen (who was initially called Peppino and then earned the mythological nickname thanks to his temperament) is studded with escapes. At a very young age, he had escaped from his herd and had survived for nearly five months in the woods alone.

The bull Thor back to the shelter

The bull Thor back to the shelter

“When he was taken back he was destined for the slaughterhouse to make packaged meat – explain the volunteers – It is there we decided to save him. As soon as he arrived, after a journey of 60 kilometers, probably loaded with unkind ways and terrified by anything that moved, Thor escaped, jumping over the fence. The attempts to get him back were useless and Thor fled into the fields. ” Now he is safe again.

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