Sinner, Cahill joins the staff: because with him the blue can become a champion

An Australian for Rosso. Darren Cahill joins the staff of Jannik Sinner. Well, if you were expecting the famous coach, a supervisor, then the former Adelaide tennis player is the right man. For references ask Andre Agassito Lleyton Hewitt And Simona Halep.

As a tennis player Cahill did not achieve great results, good in singles and excellent in doubles: one remembers his semifinal at the US Open. His best ranking was no. 22. he was an attacking player, and passing him to the net was complicated. Then, after the competitive part, he started coaching. With Agassi (Cahill lives in Las Vegas), where he was good at motivating him, giving him other stimuli and polishing the details of his game.

Cahill tennis

What is your “vision”? As a coach, he immediately understood the evolution of tennis, which was moving towards the baseline. In general, Cahill has never tried to upset anyone’s characteristics, transforming tennis players into attacking players. He has been focusing his attention on physical preparation, travel and first serve rate. That’s why Sinner’s presence can be useful, very useful.

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Because Cahill can help Sinner

The Australian once said: “I think it’s almost impossible to play the kind of tennis I used to play today and be successful. The evolution of materials has made it much more difficult, as the spin a player can give on the ball is now enormous. This means that you can defend yourself better, hitting a volley is more difficult, and passersby and lobs will have higher success rates, all of which equates to making it incredibly challenging and risky. That said, it’s still a good tool to use. They don’t train enough flying shots at an early age to make sure the new generation knows how to disengage at the net and take three steps forward when required. ”

We will see it already at Eastbournetogether with coach Simone Vagnozzi in the box of the South Tyrolean, in the tournament of his return after the retirement of Roland Garros. His point of view, his advice, should really be useful for a player like Sinner, who has always been an excellent listening sponge.

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