• May 29, 2023

Republic of ideas with Carofiglio: the parable of Loch Ness and the cheating of political discourse, how to defend yourself

Last day, full of events. Today Repubblica delle Idee closes in Bologna, with a Saturday full of events and the grand finale in Piazza Maggiore with Mahmood. We start with the press review by the director Maurizio Molinari and Giulia Santerini: the main theme is war and the division of the world into opposing blocks, but also maturity, with the Robinson special. The argument lends itself to memories. “I was doing very well in the humanities – says the director – but I had 4 in mathematics. At the oral they asked me to analyze the reason for this insufficiency. Well, I got along so well in the argument that in the end I got 60” .


Carofiglio’s political discourse, manipulation and conscious citizenship

Salone del Podestà fills up quickly, for the appointment with the beloved writer Gianrico Carofiglio and the deputy director Carlo Bonini. The argument is very timely, because it discusses the fallacy of the political discourse, “a more serious phenomenon than the past” and dangerous for the consequences on democracy. We analyze what rhetorical scholars describe as “errors in reasoning – explains the writer – that make an argument invalid. And it alludes to the expedients that some people use today to win a debate on a political issue. A crucial topic for us who see the The political argument becomes grotesque. It mainly concerns those who attend the debates. The citizen who, if he does not become aware, is only a subject “.


There are antidotes, explains the author who has also brought his ideas to a TV program. “It is necessary to question oneself, to question the power that speaks. And to understand when that power speaks for deception and to treat the recipients of its speech as objects of a manipulative practice. Three fundamental rules of civil dialogue, often too violated: prohibition of attack on person, with whom one avoids addressing the issue on the merits; prohibition of manipulation; burden of proof, the duty to argue. “In Loch Ness there is a dragon that occasionally eats a few children, which has never been tried. Can you prove it doesn’t exist? Here it is, the very insidious fallacy of the reversal of the burden of proof – underlines Carofiglio – which today does not apply to Loch Ness, but for example to vaccines, which expose to 5G or let us be guided by mysterious entities “.


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