Rep Idee, Elly Schlein to Meloni: “No dear Giorgia, you can’t govern with hatred”

Rep Idee, Elly Schlein to Meloni: "No dear Giorgia, you can't govern with hatred"

On the final evening of Repubblica delle Idee 2022, the main stage of the festival opens to Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, president of the CEI, to the vice-president of Emilia-Romagna Elly Schlein and to the writer Chiara Valerio, in a meeting moderated by the deputy director Francesco Bei. In Piazza Maggiore we discuss inequalities, a very important topic – says Zuppi – and the first step is to realize inequalities. Because sometimes they seem normal to us. Sometimes someone argues that inequalities are a price that must be paid. We must never accept. a logic like this. And we must not be satisfied with declarations on rights which then do not become reality, which do not become practice “.


For the cardinal, today there are many “scandalous conditions, I have learned several lately: the differences in pay between men and women, the gap in life expectancy between northern and southern Italy. The difference in opportunities for social growth: when the ‘social elevator is broken, inequalities are increasing. And from this point of view the Constitution is the reference for our common home, because it is full of ideals “. According to Zuppi, in our fundamental charter “the I and the we are very united. The individual right and that of the community are together. When this equilibrium jumps, inequalities increase”.


Equality also passes through access to energy. Elly Schlein talks about the energy communities in Emilia Romagna, “a very beautiful thing, because they realize a triple convenience: economic, social and climatic”. According to the vice president of Emilia Romagna, “expensive energy is not democratic, because it affects the most vulnerable groups more. These are the first groups to be raised with measures that keep attention to the energy transition and fight against inequalities”.


Schlein then addresses the issue of civil rights. And he comments on Giorgia Meloni’s rally in Spain, which has gone viral on social media. “In that speech I did not hear a word about a law against insecurity. I did not hear about the 4 million Italians who suffer from energy poverty. On why it is necessary to invest in welfare in childcare or in services for people not self-sufficient. To Meloni I say: there is nothing natural in a family model in which women are used to have children and raise them by themselves. Women in charge are not needed if they do not defend the rights of other women. female leadership from feminist ones “.

And he cites the case of Cloe Bianco, the trans professor who killed herself in the Belluno area: “There is no point even talking about labor rights if you don’t defend the right to work of trans people. Now it’s right to talk about it, but let’s learn how to deal with it. better than people when they are alive. No dear Giorgia, you can’t govern with hatred “.

On the subject of the end of life, the president of the CEI intervenes: “The Church is not for suffering, far from it – says Zuppi – there is still an important battle to be fought for palliative care, which is not yet fully guaranteed”. The president of the CEI hopes that in parliament, in the debate on the end of life, the discussion will not be ideological, “that it will be possible to combine the protection of life with the possibility of individual choice”.

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