Pd, M5S and left sign the agreement: unitary primaries in Sicily on 23 July

Pd, M5S and left sign the agreement: unitary primaries in Sicily on 23 July

Now we officially start. After the stop and go and a propitiatory meeting between Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte, Pd, Movimento 5Stelle, Centopassi, Article 1, Green Europe, the Italian Left and Psi officially present the primaries of 23 July: the regulation was made official this morning at Sicilian regional assembly in a conference with the leaders of all the parties of the coalition. “This is the first experiment in Italy of joint primaries – exults the secretary of the Democratic Party in Sicily, Anthony Barbagallo – and it is the first time that the Democratic Party celebrates the primaries in Sicily to identify the candidate for president of the Region. Sicily is once again a political laboratory, both in terms of substance and method: with the left and the 5Stelle Movement we share a field of values ​​”.

Applications can be submitted by June 30th at 8 pm, but whoever wants to can deposit them from next Thursday. The vote – also extended to 16-year-olds – will take place online on the SkyVote platform, but there will be 32 physical gazebos in the 9 capitals and in 23 other centers for those who want to participate with a card and pencil. In that case the vote will be digitized immediately. “We are doing something revolutionary – says the group leader of the Movimento 5Stelle all’Ars and regional referent in Sicily Nuccio Di Paola – Whoever votes will not pay. You can register from 23 June to 21 July: in that phase you can choose whether to vote online or in a physical polling station. We must free Sicily from the right: we are looking for willing Sicilians “.

Those who apply will have to sign a deed by the notary to undertake to support the winning candidate. The groups represented at the ARS will not have to submit signatures to nominate their own representative: the others, on the other hand, will have to collect two thousand signatures and then submit a list in at least five constituencies. “Today’s – he says Nino Oddo, leader of the PSI – is an important step. This is a proposal open to Sicilian society. We hope that other forces that have opposed the Musumeci government with us can join. “” This – he warns Pierpaolo Montalto di Sinistra Italiana – is a message to those who think that the Sicilian territory could be devastated. Sicily and the Sicilians must say enough “.” Today – he adds Mauro Mangano of green Europe – we show the difference. Sicily is not a ring: we will choose the president in unity “.” This coalition – he observes instead Pippo Zappulla of Article 1 – does not pursue those who had government responsibilities in the Sicilian disaster “.

Because, in fact, the coalition is a theme. “This field – continues Di Paola – is an alternative to the right and the Musumeci government. We are not passionate about acronyms and names. Let us base ourselves on the contents and values ​​of the progressive field. The deadline is June 30 at 8 pm: anyone who wants to can submit a candidacy, which then will have to be evaluated “. “We – relaunches the leader of the Centopassi Claudio Fava – we open this path to all the opposition forces, all the progressive forces such as + Europe and Action by Carlo Calenda. They will not be a count between political forces to see who is stronger: they will be the confrontation between candidates who measure themselves on a left-wing project. “Fava does not shy away from explicit questions on the Movement for autonomy, suspected of flirting with the center-left: “The objective discrimination – underlines the former president of the Antimafia – is to have been in opposition from Musumeci. Raffaele Lombardo is part of this majority, it is natural that he is considered to be in a different coalition “.” The pro-European camp must not be divided – Barbagallo notes – the opening is also extended to living Italy “.

The parterre of candidates has yet to be defined: Fava is already in the field for the left, while in the 5Stelle Movement the undersecretary is competing for the nomination Giancarlo CancelleriDi Paola himself and the regional deputy Luigi Sunseri. In the Democratic Party the names of the MEPs are mentioned Caterina Chinnici And Pietro Bartolo, but also by Barbagallo himself. The socialists, for their part, intend to present their own standard bearer. However, there is also a controversy over the names: yesterday the provincial secretary of the Democratic Party Rosario Filoramo in an interview he attacked the “family candidates of Mafia victims”: “I don’t know if it was referring to me or to Chinnici, to whom I expressed my solidarity – attacks Fava, son of the journalist Pippo, killed by Cosa Nostra – I believe it offensive”. The first controversy is already there. For an election campaign that has one month to go live. Before launching the real one. The one to attempt the landing at Palazzo d’Orléans.

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