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Natural methods to whiten your teeth – Donnamoderna

S.and when you smile in the mirror you feel that your teeth could be much whiter than that, but you want to avoid dental cleanings or commercial products whose ingredients you do not know well, there are many natural remedies made just for you

Whiten your teeth with natural methods it is really simple and cheap. It is an alternative to the bleaching professional chemist and, although it requires a bit of consistency, leads to the same results, but using the methods of the past.

Before delving into the methods of whitening your teeth, we must make a necessary clarification: very white and shiny teeth are not necessarily synonymous with healthy teeth. Whitening treatments are not to be taken lightly, not even natural ones, and must be pursued with the utmost attention to the underlying health of the oral cavity. Take these tips, therefore, study them well and talk to your trusted dentist before putting them into practice.

When to whiten your teeth with natural (and not) methods

The dental whitening it is a procedure that is used cyclically, especially on the occasion of very important events. Let’s think for example of a wedding, or a very special occasion in which you know you have to take a lot of photos and you want to have a magnetic smile.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to whiten your teeth: it is part of the many pampering that we love to give ourselves in the context of our beauty routine. However, it is important that before proceeding with any treatment that can be aggressive towards the dental enamel, they do due checks.

In case you have gods oral problems untreated, like gingivitis, caries, pulpits or more simply you suffer from dental hypersensitivity, teeth whitening will have to wait. Once these problems have been thoroughly treated, with healthy teeth, you can think about a thorough cleaning.

After all, no matter how hard you try to use an excellent one electric toothbrushquality toothpaste and a valid mouthwash, as well as dental floss every day, it is not said that our tooth is always white as we would like it.

Causes of yellow teeth

We use our teeth every day and we subject them, very often, to foods and treatments quite stressful, not to mention completely deleterious. THE yellow teeth they are often a source of embarrassment, although this is a fairly common problem. The very white tooth is an excellent business card, inspires order, care and cleanliness and ensures us a respectable social passe-partout.

Between causes more frequent than yellowing of the teeth we find:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • The consumption of pigmented foods such as licorice, coffee and chocolate, but also sugary and colored drinks that go beyond the enamel and are fixed in the dentin.
  • Plaque and tartar, due to inconsistent oral hygiene due to incorrect use of the toothbrush. You may brush your teeth every day, with little attention, and find that some parts of your mouth are not clean.
  • Genetic predisposition: We weren’t all born to have bright white teeth.

Natural remedies to whiten your teeth

There are a number of natural treatments we can use to whiten our teeth. Always remember, however, that natural is not synonymous with 100% safety: we use remedies in moderation, even those that seem less aggressive, and only to short periods of time. Teeth are delicate and precious: lo dental enamel it does not regenerate, and once consumed we will not have another one available!

  • Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is the home remedy par excellence in the field of teeth whitening, which is obtained by abrasion. Just emulsify the baking soda in a little water to create a very powerful toothpaste that whitens the teeth. For a good flavor without losing effectiveness, add a little lemon juice. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after each wash and remember that baking soda ruins enamel and can cause dentin sensitivity. Use baking soda only occasionally.
  • Apples and carrots increase salivation and improve tooth color. Saliva is the ultimate cleanser of our mouth. Apple cider vinegar also performs an excellent whitening function.
  • There sage is an ancient remedy for white teeth and fresh breath. All you have to do is rub it on your teeth or work it, along with baking soda and other great ingredients, to create a good-tasting, highly effective whitening artisan toothpaste. Use it 1-2 times a week.

If these remedies are truly exceptional for whitening teeth, keep them of the same color is a matter of work and daily commitment. Make sure you brush your teeth after each meal. Use quality toothpastes and alternate the various properties to get the best possible result.

Some changes to ours habitshow to limit smoking and coffee consumption, can make a real difference in the quality of the whiteness of our teeth.

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