• June 8, 2023

Moulinex multicooker: characteristics and models. How to choose it

Moulinex Cookeo it’s a multicooker electric pressure cooker, this means that it allows you to cook multiple recipes quickly and easily and with shorter times than cooking with the traditional method. Furthermore, such a device it is equipped with an interactive screen which allows you to follow the preparations of the dishes in a very simple and immediate way, step by step.


The Cookeo Multicooker has multiple preset recipes, depending on the model. On average, there are about 200 recipes, from appetizer to dessert, which can satisfy two to six people. As already mentioned, follow the progress of the preparation it’s pretty simple, thanks to the intuitive display. It is also possible to choose between different cooking modes, such as pressure or healthy steaming. For the latter mode, Cookeo also indicates how much water to use. Furthermore, by selecting one of the preset recipes, the cooking method is suggested directly by the device. In reverse, by setting the manual mode, it is possible to choose both the most appropriate cooking mode and the cooking time, to obtain the desired result. In addition, you can opt for the heating functionin order to keep the dishes warm until the time of the meal.

Why choose Cookeo?

The main advantage of Cookeo is the fact that it is a real one smart assistant in the kitchen. This means that if you have little time to devote to preparing lunch and dinner for your family, but don’t want to give up on serving tasty dishes, it is the right choice. In addition, it also allows those who are not an ace in the kitchen to create inviting recipes and amaze all diners. All you have to do is choose the ingredients, the type of dish to make and let yourself be guided by Cookeo, without having to wait for cooking times (sometimes quite long) and without having to worry about not overcooking or burning the preparations. Another advantage is the ability to enclose tools for different types of cooking in a single pot, thus saving on the purchase of the steamer and other tools, thus reducing the clutter in the kitchen. Another strong point of the Moulinex smart cooker is the possibility of set the delayed ignitionin order to find the dish ready when you return home.

The different models

Cookeo +

Cookeo + is the classic model by Multicooker. You are well 180 integrated recipes, which you can follow on the 2.8 inch screen through the recipe step text. There are 6 cooking programs: pressure, steam, heating, keeping warm, browning and slow cooking.

Cookeo + Connect

It is a model with 200 built-in recipesbut which can be connected using bluetooth to access other recipes in the Moulinex app. Again, there are six cooking programs.

Cookeo Touch Wifi Multicooker:

It is a very simple model to use. Just enter the ingredients, select the recipe and wait for everything to be ready to taste. The wi-fi connection, in fact, allows you to access infinite recipes, from the simplest to the longest and most complex ones, which appear on the touch screen. This tool also allows you to select the recipes that can be prepared according to the ingredients available at home. If you are in another room, then, you can follow the cooking process via app.

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