• June 5, 2023

“I’ll leave Forza Italia if we embark Casapound in Lucca”: Elio Vito’s announcement

“I have communicated to President Berlusconi that if Forza Italia confirms the relationship with Casapound in Lucca, I will leave the party”, announces the Italian parliamentarian Elio Vito on Twitter. It is the first strong reaction to the hypothesis of an alliance in view of the runoff on June 26 between the unitary candidate of the center-right Mario Pardini, who in the first round finished second with 34.35%, Fabio Barsanti, and Elvio Cecchini. Barsanti, former municipal councilor, supported by the Difendere Lucca, Centrodestra per Barsanti and Prima Lucca-Italexit lists with Paragone, obtained 9.46%. Cecchini got 2.96% with the support of various civic lists.

Casapound with the center-right, in Lucca for the runoff the “black rescue”

by Ernesto Ferrara and Azzurra Giorgi

Salvadore Bartolomei, city commissioner of the Lega in Lucca, is convinced that the appearance makes the centrodetsra coalition competitive: “As Lega we are confident and satisfied with this agreement, both Barsanti and Cecchini can represent an added value, not only electoral but also programmatic and in a government channel to administer the city “.

The reaction of the Democratic Party and of the left forces was immediate. “The center-right is so desperate that it scrapes the bottom of the barrel of the most extreme right with explicit references to Casapound’s neofascism, to try to win only for the thirst for seats and power. We move forward with the strength of ideas for Francesco Raspini mayor. # lucca “, says Pd MEP Simona Bonafè, secretary of the Tuscan party.

“Jumble of candidates together only for the power that goes from the neo-fascists of Casa Pound to the fake centrists and moderates to the no vax and no euro. This is the ‘recipe’ of the center-right for Lucca. We go on with Francesco Raspini and the CSX, looking in Lucca and its development “, adds Matteo Ricci, the coordinator of the Pd mayors.

While Carlo Calenda. Action leader, announces that in the ballot he will support “the center-left candidate Francesco Raspini (without M5s)”, Emanuele Fiano del Pd writes on Twitter: “In Lucca, the center-right’s revolting semblance with the neofascists of Casapound. Those of the altars to Himmler and Priebke. Evidently they don’t mind asking for the votes of the far right neo-fascist, or fascist of the third millennium as they like to define themselves “.

Laura Boldrini also underlines the Lucca case: “For the ballot the center-right allies itself with Casapound. The candidates of Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi therefore come to terms with” the fascists of the new millennium “. They have hit rock bottom. They are ready for anything.
A disturbing choice! “.

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