How to prepare for the sun: skin, face, body and hair ready for summer – iO Donna

How to prepare for the sun: skin, face, body and hair ready for summer - iO Donna

THEndepending on the holiday chosen, prepare the skin for the sun it is essential to get to the long-dreamed vacation in shape. What is needed is to activate in time a program that gives the face and body the “wake up call”, strategically exploiting the first heat.

«The skin oxygenates and regenerates on sunny days. But to make it receptive, it must be freed from any waste to reinforce its barrier function also with respect to the microbial load of the surrounding environment »underlines the dermatologist Luigi Fracasso. Here’s how to prepare your skin, hair and body for the sun before summer.

How to prepare your skin for the sun

To start off on the right foot e prepare the skin for the sun, you have to live with new awareness. “Re-education must be very gradual, given the prolonged stay indoors in recent months.”

The reason? “Domestic pollution can be up to ten times higher than outside pollution. There blue light emanating from electronic devices and heating make the skin more asphyxiated, dry And vulnerable” specifies the dermatologist.

How to activate cell turnover

The rejuvenating strategy begins in the evening, with the habit of Lightly exfoliate your face using washable bamboo fiber pads and cloths, the most ecological alternative to the classic disposable cotton, to be washed in the washing machine with a neutral detergent. For help cell turnover they can be soaked first with hot and then fresh water, tapping alternately on the oval and neck with light pressure.

Good practice should be associated with deeper detox treatments to always do before going to bed, once or twice a week. The new ones scrub have textures rich in 100% natural particles, including also diatomaceous earth, prehistoric algae that populate the seabed.

For a good start, rub a few on your face in the morning drop of antioxidant and detox serum before rolling out the usual face cream.

Body scrub, to promote tanning

The body also deserves attention. As a rule twice a weekas an alternative to scrub use one vegetable fiber brush for dry brushing which exfoliates, stimulates and improves blood and lymphatic circulation, has a shock effect that awakens the vitality of the tissues, and is therefore ideal in the morning, before a shower.

As for the face for those who love practicality, there are the single-dose sachets with powdered extract of cucumber, broccoli, avocado, green tea, cabbage and vitamin C, to be emulsified with a little water to form a soft foam. Scandinavian inspiration to enhance oxygenation, it is also good to add a specific mask.

The novelty to try? that of Lace Beauty contains peat from Finlanda substance that develops naturally in Scandinavian swamps over hundreds of years, rich in trace elements, vitamins and biomineralsa panacea in case of severe dehydration.

Self-tanners, the extra help to remove paleness

To reinforce the first color you can certainly use a self-tanner, doing one first scrub, for eliminate thickening and discoloration. The formulas act on average in thirty minutes, contain antioxidant superfoods such as chia seeds, avocado, blueberry and some also protect from the sun’s rays.

The textures, in drops, sprays, mousse, are light and easily absorbed to modulate the result as desired, from clearer to more intense.

When and how? better in the evening, on well-cleansed skin, half an hour after your usual skincare. If in drops, mix them with the cream or treatment serum: two or three for the face, six to twelve for the body.

Remodeling creams, when to start using them

48% of those of us who have worked from home in recent months feel weighted down and less toned: we need an integrated strategy that deflates immediately. As regards the remodeling cream formulasyou just have to choose from those all-in-onewhich lean, smooth stretch marks and give more tone, to those with a “gym effect” that mimic the results of physical training.

If associated with the manual massage they are even more effective. The movements to be made are circular, from the bottom to the other, alternating the palm of the hand and closed fist, especially on the buttocks.

The natural alternative comes from essential oils of birch, lemon and rosemarywhich help in case of heavy and swollen legs, stimulating lymphatic and venous circulation, to be applied directly on the lower limbs or diluted in the tub for a purifying bath.

Always effective i patches, bandages or draining mud. Alternatively, the cups and small silicone rollers are valid, for a destocking action on cosce and culotte de cheval. To be used in the first month for about ten minutes every day, then continuing two-three times a week. With a little consistency and a careful eye on calories, the results will not be long in coming.

Hair, the pre-sun home routine

In addition to planning a service in the salon strengthening capillary reconstructionintegrate yours home hair routine with a few drops of Argan or linseed oil, nourishing and firming, to be warmed in your hands and spread dry on the skin and length before shampooing or to add to the mask, making light circular movements with the fingertips, from the nape to the forehead.

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To minimize or prevent possible seasonal fall, a supplement that contains all the substances necessary for growth is useful. The most effective formulas have in common vitamin B7, omega 3, keratin, as well as brewer’s yeast, borage and rice bran that fill and strengthen the stem from the inside.


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