• May 29, 2023

Guillaume de Kadebostany: “I’m looking for a balance between complexity and lightness”

It’s been over ten years since the Swiss musician Guillaume de Kadebostany has made its way into the international pop music scene, bringing together electronic, pop and theatricality, sophistication and enjoyment in an original way. He has climbed the charts all over the world, with hits such as Castle in the Snow, Mind if I stay, Early morning dreams, Save mealso an original and beautiful version of Crazy in Love by Beyoncé. And not only that: she earned an AI nomination Grammy, has garnered over a billion views on YouTube, has given more than 500 concerts in 25 different countries, and a recent streaming concert has garnered the attention of nearly 400,000 viewers. It is natural, therefore, that he carefully awaits his return live after two years of pandemic, and above all his new music, anticipated by a new single, Two lovebirds in a cage.

Two years of silence, in which you actually produced a lot of music, which now is the time to be able to offer live …

“I was practically eighteen years on tour, when Covid arrived it was a being in a show, in an unreal condition. But in reality it was an opportunity for me to stop, to stay at home with my family, to pass A lot of time in the recording studio, an interesting period. So now I have a lot of new songs and I’m so happy to be back on tour. “

The condition of isolation was extraordinary. Did it help your creativity?

“I think loneliness is important to be creative. When I was younger I was very lonely, I was in the corner of my room and I was traveling with my imagination. In such a condition writing songs becomes very important. Now for boys it’s different. there are so many social media, information and connections everywhere, and I don’t think it is very good for the imagination. For me loneliness is an important factor, for me it is a tool, a tool to use to get where I want. I think songs are important, they are created with energy and time, with commitment and passion, they are a tool to connect with people on a higher level. “

Technology has always played an important part in his music. Also today?

“I think that technology has always influenced all music, it’s not a matter of electronics or electricity, just think about what technology are the violins, or the piano. Today the beauty is that you have countless tools at your disposal, which are not ‘ vintage ‘or new, are the ones you need to give body to your musical ideas. I use them all and I find them beautiful. For Kadebostany there is respect for past generations and esteem for today’s’ bedroom producer’, I like it the idea of ​​being in the middle, that’s my place. “

In the middle also between complexity and lightness …

“Complexity and lightness: a balance that is difficult to find, but important. When I compose I try never to be satisfied, I always have high expectations. When I make a song I also make ten different versions, each song is the result of a lot of research. But I have no recipes. or rules, I follow the emotions, the intuitions, when I like something I stop and then continue. In the end my goal is to make music that my mother and my little cousin will like, to move in a broad spectrum. I don’t want to be avant-garde , but not mainstream either, very new and timeless music, I don’t like fashion and I’m not retro “.

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