• June 8, 2023

Environment, Diletta Bellotti: “No compromise with power”. Molinari among the boys invites courage

Speaking about the challenge for the defense of the planet, on the third day of Rep Idee arrived Diletta Bellotti, a young activist and influencer known for her battle against agromafies. Many young people who signed up for the workshop to discuss the topic of “fragile compromise”. “I don’t like making it a generational issue, because it isn’t – said Bellotti at the beginning of the workshop – but my generation cannot accept fragile, downward compromises. I mean compromises with power, which are never equal. We live in urgent times, we need to act now “.

After the work with blackboards and markers, the participants shared the reflections gained during the workshop. Then Bellotti read a text written during the workshop, in which he explains what it means to sacrifice oneself in the fight for the environment: “Sacrifice is to rewrite our civilization, in the sense of civilization, of a human aggregate, as a free people united with others. . We must block this deadly machine that is our present. We must do it to allow the future to all generations to come. Of human beings, animals, plants. Of the whole planet that hosts us “.


Among the boys, seated on the chairs arranged in a circle, Maurizio Molinari also arrived: “In Diletta’s words and also in the other interventions there is a strong sense of urgency. If we don’t act, who will do it for us? sense of urgency betrays great participation and a great sense of responsibility towards others, towards the planet and towards those who will come after us “

“How to make courage prevail over fear? – asked the director of Repubblica – It is a great theme, which also has to do with our work: the need to create a digital and paper platform where everyone can express courage and fear. The task of a newspaper is to transform itself into a laboratory of ideas, to allow attempts to be made, to indicate solutions. Even assuming the courage to make mistakes. Because without mistakes, no progress is made. If it is time for ideas, what is it the method? Everyone does it with their own culture. The culture of my people, of my tribe, is based on planting trees. When someone is born, or dies, or gets married, they plant a tree. There is no better gift “They plant them and write their names. Because you have to know where your tree is. Because there is personal responsibility. That’s the point: being responsible for your actions.”

Could the generation be the engine of change? I am optimistic, I say yes – said Molnari – But we must be aware that the road is very narrow. With one imperative: we must follow it, without stopping “.

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