Drought, the Emilia-Romagna Region ready to ask the Government for a state of emergency

Drought, the Emilia-Romagna Region ready to ask the Government for a state of emergency

“The drought worries us, and the Region is ready to ask the Government for a state of national emergency. A necessary step to face a complex situation from an environmental point of view, which has worrying repercussions on the agricultural production front, but not only. The natural habitats are severely tested and we also record a strong rise in the saline wedge. In these hours we are already working to instruct the practice, complete and in-depth, so that it is accepted by Palazzo Chigi “.

Thus the Regional Councilor for the Environment and Civil Protection, Irene Priolo, announcing the decision of Viale Aldo Moro to address, from the beginning of next week, the situation of the worrying drought that has hit Italy, and in particular the regions Padane of the Po auction.

“Today – adds Priolo – I spoke with the Head of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio, who shared with us that the situation is serious and problematic. He is committed to bringing the matter to the attention of the Government and in particular of the competent ministers,” and he is already at work in these hours “.

Councilor Priolo also called an ad hoc control room in Bologna on the afternoon of Tuesday 21 June to manage the emergency. The updated data from the Po district Observatory, which meets on Monday, will be analyzed to have an even clearer situation.

Po, from great river to desert: the impressive consequences of the drought between Mantua and Ferrara

Together with the Region – with its Environment, Civil Protection, Arpae and Agriculture sectors – to take stock of the situation and implement the first interventions, the managers of the drinking water sector, Atersir (Territorial Agency of Emilia-Romagna for water and waste services), Anbi (National Association of Land Improvement Irrigation Remediation), Emilia-Romagna Canal Consortium and of course also the Po District Authority.

“The water emergency – concludes Priolo – for now mainly involves the irrigation activity of the agricultural sector, a fundamental sector for the regional economy, but we are also worried about the drinking water front in light of the weather forecasts for the coming weeks. The strong drought of the Po it could impact with the supply capacity of the Emilia-Romagna canal which also contributes to the supply of the drinking water resource of Romagna “.

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