• May 29, 2023

Drought in Milan, crops at risk. Mayor Beppe Sala: “We use the water of the Naviglio in Darsena for the fields”

In a Lombardy that is thirsty, with the levels of the Po at the lowest levels of the last 70 years, and – was Coldiretti’s prediction – with “50% of the production at risk”, the fields around Milan are also suffering. . Because the metropolis, surrounded by the South Agricultural Park, with 2,900 cultivated hectares is still one of the largest agricultural cities in Italy. That’s what he remembers Beppe Sala. Who raises the alarm: “A large agricultural system is developing around Milan and the drought is putting it to the test”. But the mayor also proposes a concrete solution to deal with the emergency immediately: “I have given orders to evaluate the reduction of the water level of the Naviglio in the Darsena to supply it to our farmers”.

Record drought in Lombardy, several municipalities supplied with tankers

by Luigi Bolognini

Here it is, the basin to draw from: the ancient port of Milan. Sala, who for some time has put a green agenda at the top of Milan’s priorities and is part of the group of international mayors of the C40 allied for sustainable policies, sounds the alarm: “We don’t see the effects of climate change only in documentaries, they are in our life. And there are still those who think we can take it easy! “, he writes on his Instagram profile.

The emergency is there, to be addressed. Immediately. And, by now, it has the image of parched fields that risk not producing crops. A piece of economics on its knees. Here, therefore, is the solution that Sala proposes immediately to try to give some relief to the agricultural system around Milan: “We are forced to intervene to give water to our fields, if we want to save the crops. evaluate the reduction of the water level of the Naviglio in the Darsena to supply it to our farmers “. From the history of the city, a help to guarantee its future.

Drought in Lombardy, Coldiretti: “The waters of the Po have never been so low for 70 years”

And a cry of pain, in fact, also comes from Coldiretti according to which the hydrometric level of the River Po to Ponte della Becca (Pavia) has fallen to -3.7 meters on the lowest levels for at least 70 years. Large lakes are also suffering, such as Maggiore, which has fallen to an all-time low with a degree of filling of 22%, while that of Como is at 25%. A “dramatic” situation, according to Coldiretti, in a 2022 marked up to now by practically halved rainfall, with the lack of rain which in some areas has lasted for almost three months with the use of tankers, rationing and restrictive measures also to water gardens and gardens.

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