Dogs, the anti-heat moves (especially for the breeds that suffer the most) us and, at times, more than us. Dogs suffer from high temperatures. But there are some breeds that suffer more from the heat: that is, the so-called brachycephalic ones (from the Greek brakhysshort, and képhalos, head) . A study published in Scientific found that among the nine breeds that suffer the most from the heat, five belong to this category. That is bulldogs, (14 times more at risk of heatstroke than Labradors), French bulldogs (six times more at risk) and pugs (three times more at risk).

The reason is simple. Dogs typically pant to cool down: the humidity produced by the salivary glands, combined with accelerated breathing, guarantees the correct functioning of the thermoregulator system. But if they have a pinched nose the action becomes labored and not useful. Also, even more at risk of heat stroke than brachycephalics are the chow chow: their coat makes it difficult for them to get rid of the heat.

Whether the house dog belongs to one of the aforementioned breeds or not, the temperatures these days put him in any case and certainly in difficulty. So here are some tips from LNDC Animal Protection.

Such a dog, such a master: increasingly fashionable accessories

Such a dog, such a master: increasingly fashionable accessories

Dogs and heat, the car is a risk

B.astano a few minutes for the temperature inside the passenger compartment of a car parked in the sun to reach fatal levels, even if the windows are open. On particularly hot days, it’s not even enough to park in the shade. Leaving dogs in the car is a practice to be avoided absolutely.

Heatstrokes, recognize them and provide help

If the dog is restless and panting, with an increased respiratory and heart rate, he is probably coping with heat stroke. He will later lose alertness and coordination and may stagger or be unable to get up. It is essential to run to the vet. In the meantime, of course, the animal needs to be moved to a cool, shady place. P.can be refreshed with rags wet with water at room temperature (cooling should not be too fast) to be applied to the neck, armpits and groin.

Dogs and heat in the city

Animals that mostly live outdoors or in the garden should always have access to fresh, clean water and the possibility of sheltering in an adequately shaded area. Dogs living in the apartment should be brought on a walk early in the morning and in the evening. In the hottest hours, even the city pavement is hot. If the appetite is low, do not insist but try to feed the food in the cooler hours when it might be more acceptable.

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Bathing with your dog, here's how to make him love water

Bathing with your dog, here's how to make him love water

Fur? It also protects from the heat

Fur not only protects from the cold but also from heat and sun. Even if you choose to clip your dog, it is best to leave enough length to protect them.


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