Crowd in Bologna, with Mahmood the finale of Repubblica delle Idee

“The uncertain future? The results come with commitment, if one is determined. I think it is important not to listen to many opinions, it is better to ask only the best friends, family members. Then feel the instinct a lot. And commit oneself”. IS Alexander Mahmood29 years old and two-time winner of Sanremo to close these three days of Republic of Ideasin Bologna, interviewed by the director Maurizio Molinari, is addressed to the many peers who have filled these days. A party for young people, too, where citizenship and rights have often been talked about.


“For me it is important to take sides with minorities. Five years ago I sang at Pride in Milan. Republic participated this year. I’m happy to be here “, says the singer in a crowded Piazza Maggiore, full of energy. He talks about the relationship with social networks, the inspiration, which also comes from Raymond Carver, his favorite writer. Of Ukraine’s victory at the Eurovision: “That was right”.

RepIdee 2022, the second day of meetings looking at the world and the future

Here it is, the last souvenir photo of this marathon of events, debates, music and politics. In the evening, the Crescentone is full for the EU commissioner Paolo Gentilonithe governor Bonaccini and the CEO of Eni Claudio Descalzi (interrupted by the lightning protest of Extincion Rebellion), then it’s up to the Vice President of the Region Elly Schlein and to the cardinal Matteo Zuppi.

It was nice. Nice to discuss closely with philosophers, artists and all our signatures, in the workshops. And the squares are beautiful, finally lived with more freedom. In one day, the last, which also saw two young administrators on stage, the deputy mayor of Bologna Emily Clancy and the new mayor of Budrio, Debora Badiali, which says: “As a woman you have to push, if you are young more”. And Clancy, who confides: “In addition we will make a fine of 5 euros for each sexist comment”. When Concita De Gregorio he reads his letter to a girl of the future, accompanied by the guitar of Erica Mou, the emotion is palpable: “Be passionate and kind”, he says. A lady, Arianna Ortigari, as she goes out, she says that she gave that book to her granddaughter. But there was also talk of the environment, with the activist Diletta Bellottiwhich invites us to “jam the deadly machine of the present”.

RepIdee 2022, “Letter to a girl of the future” with Concita De Gregorio and Erica Mou

We think about describing democracy in the social era Filippo Ceccarelli: “I started with Moro – he smiles – and I continued with Lele Mora, then these came here. It is easy to mock them, but to get out you have to put yourself in their shoes”. To listen to him, Annunziata, 48, left Rome at dawn: “I’m a fan”. And they also speak of democracy Chiara Valerio And Gustavo Zagrebelsky. “It is a place where one confronts an agitated soul – he says – and a critical spirit”. She jokes: “I grew up with Pollon, you know? The cartoons about the gods are beautiful, that’s why democracy cannot transform into labels what is filled with bodies. But how do we put the bodies in it, if you didn’t understand that in the referendums. .. did you go to vote? “.

RepIdee 2022, the laboratory of a changing Italy in Bologna

In the evening, the writer David Grossman, interviewed by the director Molinari, confides: “As a child I lived underwater, imagining extraordinary heroes. Fantasy was my salvation”. In the end the stage is all for Mahmood, who sings: “Here I live in the drama / between life and karma”. See you next year.

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