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‘Bridgerton 3’, all that is known about the new season

Filming of Bridgerton 3 should start this summer and fans have been in a state of agitation since it was revealed directly with a message from Lady Whistledown, as per tradition, that the protagonists of the next season of the hottest costume series will be Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, or as the Julia Quinn’s readers have already nicknamed them the Polins. The announcement was confirmed by the same actress who plays Penelope, Nicola Coughlan who said she went through weeks of anxiety and agitation about having to keep this secret. Yet her character is used to secrets.

‘Bridgerton’, from books to series here are the 10 differences. And some clues about the new seasons

by Chiara Ugolini

Polin, as the love story between Colin and Penelope is told in the novels

On the other hand, the queen of the series Shonda Rhimes had already warned that the adaptation of the novels of the saga of the American writer would not go into the literary order, the third volume in fact tells the love story of the second son of the Bridgerton house, Benedict (Luke Thompson) while the love story between the third son Colin (Luke Newton) and Penelope is narrated in the fourth, the one that bears the title in Italy A man to conquer (Mondadori). In the novel there is a date that marks the day when Penelope falls in love with Colin. “On April 6, 1812, precisely two days before her sixteenth birthday, Penelope Featherington fell in love with her.” However, it will take twelve years before that love is reciprocated in a series of adventures that readers know and that viewers can enjoy adapted for the big screen. Asked if the “Polin” love story will lean towards the super hot vibes of the first season, that of the love between the Duke and Daphne, or the slow burning of the second season that of the story between the Viscount and Lady Sharma, Coughlan he replies: “I think that, since we have had two seasons of construction, ours will probably be in the first case. I have not read the script yet I have only been given an overview”.

Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan and Claudia Jessie: “Yesterday at the dances today on Instagram the teenagers under examination”

The news of the third season: who is the new showrunner

After two seasons under the helm of the showrunner Chris Van Dusen, one of the main novelties of the third will be a change at the top. In place of the American screenwriter and director, another author from the Shondaland stable is Jess Brownell (formerly in the “writing room” of the series and companion of Rhimes for Scandal, Inventing Anna). That on the third season he stated a Variety: “It really felt like the right time for Colin and Penelope. We’ve had both of these actors on our screens since season one, we’ve already invested a little in them. We know who they are. I think, especially in the last season, there are these moments of tension between them where it’s like Colin is getting close to realizing that Penelope has feelings for him but doesn’t quite get it. Instead of stepping on that dynamic, we wanted to push her forward in their season, we it seemed like the perfect moment to start their story. “

Who is the new Francesca

Another major change is in the cast. For the first time in the saga a character changes interpreter: it is Francesca Bridgerton who will be embodied in the third season by Hannah Dodd (Look for me in Paris And Anatomy of a scandal – was the character of Sienna Miller as a young man) replacing Ruby Stokes, who leaves the series to move to another project for Netflix (Lockwood & Co.). Francesca Bridgerton is a mysterious figure within the lively and jovial family. Despite her reserved nature, Francesca participates in worldly events, armed with a sarcasm and pragmatism that disconcert the fickle high society, attracting its attention when she least wishes it. About her His novel Love a libertine it is the sixth, but who knows that for her too things do not go in another order.

Nicola and the question of Penelope’s weight

There is also another aspect of the novels that it would be nice to have changed in the adaptation and that we are quite confident that a critical and sharp spirit like that of Shonda Rhimes will not fail to exploit. In Julia Quinn’s novel it is said that Penelope at some point loses weight, precisely two pounds which correspond to about twelve kilos, it is at that point in the novel – and after a long and interesting trip to Greece (which in the series we have already faced, though) – that the third child of the Bridgertons finally sees his old friend with another look and realizes that he has always loved her. We are confident that Rhimes and Brownell will not put Penelope on a diet, it would be a contradiction to all the inclusion steps taken so far by the series, and would totally conflict with the point of view of his interpreter, the target of continuous unsolicited opinions about his body. , even on Instagram. In an effort to put an end to this kind of comments Nicola Coughlan wrote on Instagram: “If you have an opinion about my body please, please don’t share it with me. It’s really hard to bear the weight of thousands of opinions on how you look. that are sent to you directly every day “. Jess Brownell has also already talked about the subject: “We think Penelope is beautiful and I don’t think the weight loss issue is really part of her story. I think her wallpapering on our show is more about the level of confidence than the its outward appearance. It will be on self-confidence that we will play this new season. “

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