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Back pain, yoga and pilates: what to do to regain flexibility – Donnamoderna

IS commonplace to think that yoga and pilates can somehow improve back pain. The answer is dictated by common sense, but it is not always the right solution to heal all problems

Yoga and pilates against back pain? They may not necessarily be the right solution for you. While approximately 93% of American adults suffer or have suffered from back pain, it is true that the origins of this disease are not always the same.

Before signing up for a yoga or pilates class for your back pain, it is therefore important that you understand the causes of this pain by speaking to a competent doctor. The professional will give you the clearance to benefit from fabulous postural exercises capable of revolutionizing your relationship with the back forever.

Yoga and pilates for back pain: do they work?

Some studies underline the importance of engaging in these disciplines only after having analyzed the individual characteristics that identify us. Professor Stuart McGill of the University of Waterloo in Canada explains that the vertebral column it can have different connotations based on the individual.

Some of us are flexible, some of us a little less. Some women are more inclined to do exercises like push-ups, while others, even after a lot of exercise, will always be a little less flexible. Yoga and pilates base their disciplines on precisely this type of movements which, far from curing back pain, could – in the worst cases – accentuate it.

Each back pain is different from the other. While it is true that this problem often stems from postural habits or wrong movementsyou need to find the right exercise for each triggering cause.

That said, before you start practicing yoga and pilates for back pain, remember to talk to a trusted professional who knows your habits and knows how to really help you.

Pilates exercises to regain flexibility

Pilates, as you probably already know, is a fitness method designed to rediscover the Welfare. The exercises conceived in this discipline are particularly suitable for relieving the symptoms of low back painor pain in the lumbar area, and improve people’s balance elderly. It is also highly regarded for improving muscle and joint performance of people who lead very long lives sedentary.

Taking into account what we said in the previous chapter, here are some tools to practice a suitable Pilates to relieve the symptoms of your back pain:

  • Exercises on the pilates reformer. The reformer is a mobile trolley with a padded back and cushion that slides on two rails fixed to a frame. Depending on the position you take on the tool, it allows you to work on the joints by making sure that the “machine” corrects most of our postural errors during movements under stress.
  • Exercises a free body with fit ball, soft ball and elastics for pilates. Based on the specific needs of the person, back pain can be relieved with a series of sequences designed specifically to correct a problem.

Make sure you explain to the coach what yours are back problems before proceeding with the exercises. Only in this way will you find the sequences that are really effective for you.

Yoga exercises to regain flexibility

Before performing any yoga exercise dedicated to the back, we must warm it up.

Let’s sit cross-legged, rest the palm on the ground and raise the opposite arm by flexing the torso sideways. We listen, calmly, to the spinal column that stretches upwards and we appreciate its unusual but pleasant movement. Let’s reverse the sense. We repeat the exercise as long as we deem it necessary, and then, always cross-legged, we twist by turning the torso to one side, placing the opposite arm beyond the knee.

There position of the cat it is a sweet and excellent way to regain the flexibility of a back that hurts so much. Stand in a quadrupedal position, with your hands planted firmly under your shoulders and your knees as wide as your hips. At this point you will need to arch your back, like a cat, while exhaling. Inhale in the opposite motion, listening to your back and lower back muscles stretch gently. At this point, if you feel like it, assume the downward dog position.

The downward dog is a movement that requires you to press the palms of the hands towards the ground, pushing up the buttocks and heels towards the ground. Other movements that can help your back posture are sphinx posture and supine twists. These are very sweet tools, which can be performed by almost all subjects eager to learn, which can make a difference if repeated continuously day after day.

Yoga works on the flexibility of the healthy spine, and helps bring a sore back that is suffering from particular ailments in line. Not all of them, however.

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