• June 8, 2023

5 summer plants that help you make the air in your home healthier – Donnamoderna

Land plants completely transform interiors and exteriors of the house thanks to their aesthetic touch, but also to the benefits they can bring to the freshness and healthiness of the air

We have put together a list of plants to purify the air at home who live peacefully even during the summer, without too much effort. Whether you have a green thumb or not, you will find that many of these are really easy to maintain and give thanks every day with their many services, from the aesthetic to the practical.

Those who want to purify the air in their home and make it more breathable can choose a series of plants to include in their furnishing project. Plants are nature’s filter and their task, both inside and outside the home, has always been not only that of photosynthesis, but also of breaking down and “digesting” the polluting materials that we would otherwise breathe.

Plants at home against pollutants

Let’s dispel the myth that pollutants they do not exist in the house or can be kept out with proper cleaning. Pollution external enters the house and accumulates, and sometimes it is ourselves, with the activities of every day, to provoke it. Let’s think for example of:

  • Toxic substances emitted by cigarette smoke;
  • Aggressive ingredients found in the paints and detergents we use to sanitize the home;
  • Substances found in furniture coverings, in the plastic we use every day and unhealthy elements that are used to fix some industrial carpets.
  • Solvents, detergents, paints, print cartridges and many other substances with which we come into contact every day, and which are not really good for us.

Without going into detail, these ingredients can cause asthma, respiratory problems in general or cause dangerous allergies. There are those who do protects from these substances by installing very expensive and very effective air purifiers. Then there are people who prefer natural remedies, and choose plants to protect themselves from the unhealthy air.

Plants to purify the air: the pothos

A large amount of ornamental plants available in all greenhouses in Italy, and beyond, are also particularly suitable for absorbing pollutants in the home. We often put them at home because of their simple beauty, like that of the pothosbut we must honor the credit.

Pothos is a green leafy plant that not only defies your worst black thumb, but is capable of surviving even the hottest summers. Provided, of course, that it receives an adequate amount of water. The photos is a beautiful ornamental plant that will come down to waterfall on your furniture creating beautiful and natural decorations. It multiplies so fast that you almost notice it, and it can be propagated with great ease.

Not only. The pothos looks good in dry heat and also in that humid, and it is also perfect in apartments where there is not too much light. Last but not least, the pothos is an extraordinary plant because it retains harmful substances that, otherwise, we would go to breathe.

Plants to purify the air: spatifillo

If you prefer a flowering plant, it is spatifillo can not miss in your summer house that needs a healthy purified. In addition to being very easy to grow, almost as easy as the photos, its beautiful bushes crowned with white and pistil-yellow flowers immediately bring joy.

Even the spatifillo effectively absorbs volatile organic agents that are potentially dangerous for our well-being. In addition, it easily survives even in medium-lit environments, such as a shelf opposite the window that does not benefit from direct light.

Ode to sansevieria, the indestructible par excellence

There is only one way to kill one sansevieria: give her too much water. It is not an absolute truth, of course, but if there is a long-lived plant capable of withstanding the summer weather, this is her. In addition to being available in a myriad of shades of green and yellow, always beautiful, this plant is proof of a bad gardener, perhaps even more than the pothos.

The long stiff vertical leaves create beautiful decorations for your shelves and have the ability to absorb a really important amount of pollutants. They are great plants to keep indoors if you smoke cigarettes. Not only that: the sansevieria also looks great in bedroom – if there is medium lighting during the day. At night, it produces oxygen and improves the quality of our sleep.

Summer plants to purify the air: the philodendron

Who admires a philodendron who lives a happy life, he will feel happier in turn. This wonderful plant filters carbon dioxide in excess and is one of the decorative plants par excellence. Its scenographic foliage will always catch the eye – whether it maintains heights or you have chosen a climbing variety.

Philodendron loves light, so the area needs to benefit from it all day, but doesn’t like it direct exposure Of sun. Needs regular water. Be careful, however, because this plant can be poisonous to dogs, cats and anyone who ingests it.

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