• May 28, 2023

5 good reasons to recover the Attack of the Giants on Netflix

Netflix’s anime catalog is full of little masterpieces that are definitely worth watching. Between these, the Attack of the Giants has in fact left an indelible mark in the collective imagination of lovers of the genre.
five reasons to recover attack of the giants

Inspired by the manga of the same name written and created by Hajime Isayama, the anime of the “Attack of the giants” is able to immediately capture the viewer’s attentionthanks to a dense plot characterized by never banal narrative elements. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, today we’ll give you 5 good reasons to get it back!

Plot Twist as if it were raining

If you are a lover of twists, then the “Attack of the Giants” is for you. The ending of each episode leaves the viewer prey to curiosity and the desire to know what will happen to the protagonists in the next episode. Merit, as mentioned, of an intricate plot that at times leaves you with bated breath and does not leave a moment of breath. In short, plot twist at will for one of the most successful anime series of the last ten years.

The issues addressed

Since the first episodes the anime it seems to deal with profound issues related to human existence. In fact, there is no lack of reflections on human nature and on the reasons that move men in general. The impossibility for humans to understand each other, a trigger for wars and conflicts. And this is also linked to one of the most prominent themes in the series: freedom. What does it mean to be “free” in a world of hatred and injustice? This, in essence, is the reflection that accompanies the protagonist throughout the series.

Animations and soundtracks

In general, the “Attack of the Giants” is an extremely enjoyable product also from an audiovisual point of view. With the passing of the seasons then you notice small improvements made by the animators, with a particular exploit in the last arc in which a CGI technology was used. Furthermore, if the design elements are decidedly appreciable, the soundtracks are really in tune with the succession of events.

The characterization of the characters

If there is something that really manages to keep the viewer’s attention high this is the characterization of the characters. In fact, not only the protagonists, but all the characters in the series are explored with rare accuracy. We know the painful past of many of them, the reasons for which they are moved and their role in the plot. Finally, without spoiling anything, we can say almost with certainty that we rarely witness such a profound evolution by the protagonist of one shonen.

The shonen that deviates from the genre

Not surprisingly, among the many merits, Hajime Isayama has that of having created a unique work of its kind. It is not in fact the classic shonen action, featuring duels and impossible trials. The “Attack of the Giants” aims much higher. And it does so with narrative elements that deviate from the genre, such as reflections on pain and, more generally, on human psychology. In short, for almost the entire work one has the impression of being there in front of a product intended solely for an adult audience.

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