World Swimming Championships: the dates, the program and where to see them on TV

From 18 June to 3 July we go to the pool for the World Swimming Championships in Budapest, the nineteenth edition of the world championship, returned after an absence of three years. The calendar is reversed from the usual one: the first week will be dedicated to lane swimming and artistic swimming, the second to open water swimming and diving. From 20 June to 4 July the two water polo tournaments. The last edition of the World Cup, in Gwangju, South Korea, closed for Italy with 4 golds, 6 silvers and 5 bronzes. It is the first time for the Italian team since retiring from the races of Federica Pellegrini.

The program and dates of the World Swimming Championships


Batteries (9.00-12.15)

Women’s 200m mixed

Men’s 400m Freestyle

100m butterfly women

50m butterflies men

Women’s 400m freestyle

100m breaststroke men

Men’s 400m medley

Women’s 4x100m freestyle

Men’s 4x100m freestyle

Semifinals and finals (18.00-20.20)

Men’s 400m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 100m butterfly – Semi-finals

Men’s 50m butterfly – Semi-finals

Women’s 400m Freestyle – Final

Men’s 100m breaststroke – Semi-finals

Women’s 200m medley – Semi-finals

Men’s 400m medley – Final

Men’s 4x100m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 4x100m Freestyle – Final

World Swimming Championships, Paltrinieri: “I changed my life and found the desire to win again”

by our correspondent Alessandra Retico


Batteries (9.00-11.45)

100m backstroke women

Men’s 100m backstroke

100m breaststroke women

Men’s 200m Freestyle

Women’s 1500m freestyle

Semifinals and finals (18.00-19.50)

Men’s 100m breaststroke – Final

Women’s 100m butterfly – Final

Men’s 100m backstroke – Semi-finals

Women’s 100m breaststroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 50m butterfly – Final

Women’s 100m backstroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m Freestyle – Semi Finals

Women’s 200m medley – Final


Batteries (9.00-11.45)

50m breaststroke men

Women’s 200m Freestyle

Men’s 200m butterfly

Men’s 800m freestyle

Semifinals and finals (18.00-20.05)

Men’s 200m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 1500m Freestyle – Final

Men’s 50m breaststroke – Semi-finals

100m backstroke women – Final

Men’s 100m backstroke – Final

Women’s 200m Freestyle – Semi Finals

Men’s 200m butterfly – Semi-finals

Women’s 100m breaststroke – Final


Batteries (9.00-12.00)

Women’s 50m backstroke

Men’s 100m freestyle

Men’s 200m mixed

4x100m mixed mixed

Semifinals and finals (18.00-20.15)

Men’s 800m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 200m Freestyle – Final

Men’s 100m Freestyle – Semi Finals

Women’s 50m Backstroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m butterfly – Final

Men’s 50m breaststroke – Final

Women’s 200m butterfly – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m medley – Semi-finals

4x100m mixed mixed – Final


Batteries (9.00-11.45)

Women’s 100m freestyle

Men’s 200m backstroke

200m breaststroke women

200m breaststroke men

Women’s 4x200m freestyle

Semifinals and finals (18.00-20.15)

Women’s 200m butterfly – Final

Women’s 100m Freestyle – Semi Final

Men’s 100m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 50m Backstroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m breaststroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m medley – Final

Women’s 200m breaststroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m Backstroke – Semi-finals

4 × 200 freestyle women – Final


Batteries (9.00-11.45)

100m butterfly men

Women’s 200m backstroke

Men’s 50m Freestyle

50m butterfly women

Men’s 4x200m freestyle

Women’s 800m freestyle

Semifinals and finals (18.00-20.10)

Women’s 100m Freestyle – Final

Men’s 100m butterfly – Semi-finals

Women’s 200m Backstroke – Semi-finals

Men’s 50m Freestyle – Semi Finals

Women’s 200m breaststroke – Final

Men’s 200m backstroke – Final

Women’s 50m butterfly – Semi-finals

Men’s 200m breaststroke – Final

Men’s 4 × 200 Freestyle – Final


Batteries (9.00-12.00)

Women’s 50m freestyle

Men’s 50m back

50m breaststroke women

4x100m mixed freestyle

1500m mixed freestyle

Semifinals and finals (18.00-19.45)

Women’s 50m butterfly – Final

Men’s 50m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 50m Freestyle – Semi Finals

Men’s 100m butterfly – Final

Women’s 200m Backstroke – Final

Men’s 50m Backstroke – Semi-finals

Women’s 800m freestyle

4 × 100 freestyle mixed


Batteries (9.00-11.00)

Women’s 400m medley

4x100m mixed men

4x100m mixed women

Finals (18.00-20.00)

Men’s 50m backstroke – Final

Women’s 50m breaststroke – Final

Men’s 1500m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 50m Freestyle – Final

Women’s 400m medley – Final

4x100m Mixed Men – Final

Women’s 4x100m Mixed – Final

Where to see the World Swimming Championships on TV

There Rai will cover the event in the clear, giving the opportunity to see every World Swimming Championships race on TV (Raidue or Raisport) is streamed on RaiPlay.

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