• May 28, 2023

Women at the forefront of the pandemic – Io Donna

TOrianna Pacchiarotti, head of the Center for Medically Assisted Procreation at the San Filippo Neri hospital in Romeon 9 March 2020 it must suspend all procreation cycles. Covid 19 is exploding in all its violence, everything must be closed immediately. But how are you going to tell it to those couples who have put themselves on the line, emotionally and economically, to have a child? Yet, despite the reimbursement being made available soon for those stuck, only three couples are asking for it.

The others wait, confident. AND, finally, a year later, the Center reopens. The work is a lot, there is a whole backlog, but Arianna does not give up and there is also a nice surprise: among the sterile couples “sine causa”, pregnancies are increasing.

Eleonora Mattia, author of Days of Courage.  The strength of women beyond the pandemic

Eleonora Mattia, author of Days of Courage. The strength of women beyond the pandemic

The story of Arianna Pacchiarotti is one of the 15 collected in the book The days of contagion. The strength of women beyond the pandemic (Officina d’Arte OutOut) written by Eleonora Mattia, lawyer, regional councilor of Lazio where she is president of the IX Commission on Labor, training, youth policies, equal opportunities.

The story of the pandemic was all masculine, but it doesn’t correspond to what happened, ”says the author. “The protagonists were women. While I was listening Silvana Sergi, director of the Regina Coeli prison in Rome, or Gabriella Carnieri Moscatelli, founder and president of Telefono Rosa, I was struck by their concreteness, their desire to try to solve problems with listening and commitment. Each of the 15 stories opens a window on a world: school, health, disability, old age, rights, creativity, culture. They are 15 but they could be many more, they could be all women, with their strength and their spirit of sacrifice ».

Eleonora Mattia’s book is dedicated to young women

Just think of Stefania Stellino, president of Angsa (the national association of parents of people with autism) of Lazio, mother of two boys with autism spectrum disorders, who experienced the lockdown first, and Dad then, in a completely different way. For Stefania, organizing her family life by continuing to pursue the association’s requests during Covid was very complicated: while her daughter, Nicole, reacted well to distance learning, Daniel struggled much harder.

Now we need to manage the return to pre-pandemic everyday life, but even here it is not easy. Each family is unique, each pair of parents has its own path, as does each boy. Stefania, however, does not give up, and she keeps the threads of everything. Just as she holds the threads of her “hers” her old men Laura Mujic, social health worker for the third age.

As Eleonora Daniele writes in the preface, «reading their stories, I seem to know them a little better and I hope it will happen to you too. And then those aligned dots become faces and emotions, passion and resilience », she continues. “The world may have stopped for two years, but they haven’t“. They continued to be of service to others, on the front line without saying it. As women always do ».

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This book is meant to be an act of sisterhood, and I dedicate it to the youngest “, says the author,” so that they can stimulate all those who live in unequal conditions, who are committed to professional and family life. After a dark period, it is time for hope ».


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