• May 29, 2023

William and Harry: increasingly divided, on Sunday they celebrate “Father’s Day” – iO Donna

No.They don’t have much in common anymore, William and Harry. The two brothers who were once inseparable are now both fathers very attached to their children. But that’s pretty much the only thing they could talk about when celebrating together the Father’s Daythe English and American Father’s Day. Divided by an enormous geographical distance, the latest developments in London on the occasion of Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee have created an even more insurmountable gap between them.

Lady Diana plays with little William and Harry: the tender 1986 movie goes crazy on social media

Lady Diana plays with little William and Harry: the tender 1986 movie goes crazy on social media

William and Harry, also compared for the Father’s Day

The way William and Harry celebrate the anniversary couldn’t be more different. THEThe Duke of Cambridge will be ad Anmer Hallthe Cambridge country residence near Sandringham, where Kate will organize with her three children – George, 9 in July, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4 – a day full of surprises.

Starting with breakfast: Prince William can’t resist a traditional English Breakfast, with toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, beans with tomato sauce. And even with full panic from the morning, she won’t say no to a suit Sunday Roasthis favorite, with roast meat, chips and side vegetables.

William and Harry

Harry and William at the unveiling of their mother Diana statue in Kensington Palace, London, July 2021 (Getty Images)

Harry more Americanized than that….

Thousands of miles away, in the Californian oasis of Montecito, Harry will experience the day completely differently. Starting with the Hollywood-style breakfast, with Meghan and two children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, one year: despite being a fan of theEnglish Breakfastnow the prince opts for rye bread with avocado and fruit and vegetable smoothies.

All accompanied by those Waffle, the hot waffles that Archie likes so much (the queen would have given him a machine to make them). Then he beach with the kids and maybe a game of polo with friends for the prince.

William’s homage to his father Charles, with Harry

Last year, on the occasion of the Father’s DayWilliam had released a video with the children, including also a photo with his father Carlo and his brother Harry, taken when the two brothers were still children. After various frictions with his parent suffered in his youth, William has now become very close to his father, thanks also to the need to face a common front in the face of scandals and controversies. But in Harry’s case the exact opposite happened.

Harry and Meghan have not yet recovered from the treatment received by the rest of the Royal Family at the recent Platinum Jubilee celebrations, June 2022 (Getty Images)

Will Prince Charles receive greetings from Harry?

According to rumors close to the prince, Harry would still be furious at the treatment he suffered with Meghan and the children in London, during the Jubilee celebrations. Only admitted to the thanksgiving ceremony in St Paul’s Cathedral, the Sussexes were not invited to any other event for fear that their presence would overshadow the occasion. And they spent the rest of the time locked in the house, a Frogmore Cottage.

Harry plays the offended

Harry would have been particularly offended by the two meetings of just 15 minutes each granted first with Carlo and Camilla, and then with Queen Elizabeth (without approval of a photo with the sovereign and little Lilibet, together for the first time). Not to mention the absence of all the most important Royals at Lilibet’s birthday, celebrated on the same days. Best wishes to his father Carlo for the Father’s Dayif there will be, they will certainly be cold.

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