What makes a man fall in love? Here are the answers | Modern Woman

What makes a man fall in love?  Here are the answers |  Modern Woman

S.cover with a little game what men are looking at in a woman

Nobody really knows, yet they wonder arouses curiosity of all … and all. Do you want to play? Each woman is a varied and changing constellation with different qualitiesthat’s what makes it unique.

Attraction has mysterious rules, but there is a female part that corresponds exactly to a man who knows how to see it: when it happens the spark goes off. Imagine the woman’s body and here’s an unpredictable review of which parts could ignite the right fuse. What really makes a man fall in love? Let’s start with ….

Fall in love “with your head”

Head women arouse incredible dose of charm. You notice them because they have one brilliant look and steely character. They know how to pass energy and … they are almost never wrong, even if this actually makes them unbearable at times. Fall in love with a woman for her head it happens to men who love to share horizons, and visions, to imagine still unknown landscapes, together. And they are not afraid of discussions!

Fall in love … for the heart

Love on the wave of passion it’s exciting, but that’s not all. Existence can be terribly complicated and the more the years pass, the more we realize it. Experiences, mistakes, scars: every life is an incredible novel. Sometimes even young people have already lived a lot, this makes a person even more sensitive and wise. When a man and a woman meet by putting all smiles and tears in common lived, then they found an embrace in which to find refuge. And a heart that beats in unison.

Falling in love … hand in hand

Women’s arms they are strong. For centuries, for centuries, they have lifted enormous weights, metaphorical and concrete. They rock children and wash the elderly, prepare lunches and dinners, knead biscuits, do the laundry; they console, patch up, draw our best dreams. All with your hands: expressions of Care. Behind there is a concrete, pragmatic woman who takes survival head on and knows the value of effort. The man who falls in love with her loves her authentic life, sincerity and honesty.

Fall in love with your stomach

According to research, inside our belly lives “a second brain”: it is connected to the emotionsi, the darkest and most dangerous ancestral territory we can explore. But there are women who are not afraid to walk balanced on the thread of passion and they know how to do it with the extreme beauty of tightrope walkers poised on the void. It is fire that moves them, but also a wisdom that reaches much further, it is the awareness that to really live we must dare. Because love is always a risk. But it’s worth trying if we want to have no regrets and those who love this woman know it: her courage stops time.

Fall in love … “with feet”

There are women who walk and they will continue to do so every day, until the last breath. They can’t help it: they are dreamers, they are restless, they are (perhaps) too idealistic, but what is certain is that … they will never give up. The feet are the symbol of what supports us and of our verticality. The man who falls in love with a dreamer woman is equally idealist and dreamer. Curious, passionate, he loves to be surprised, first of all by life: two like this can only meet with a project to shareready to take each other by the hand and walk together towards the life they dare to imagine.

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