• June 5, 2023

Weather forecast, it will get hotter and hotter and now tropical nights are on the way

(www.iLMeteo.it) The Meteorological Summer has yet to officially begin, but Italy is already in the grip of hot and muggy with temperatures well above the reference climatic averages.

Data in hand we are only in mid-June and yet we are already experiencing the third African heat wave after the two that arrived early in the month of May. We are struggling with yet another climatic weather madness, a clear sign that something at the atmospheric level has broken due to increasingly pressing global warming.

In June, the average maximum temperatures of most Italian cities are around 25/26 ° C, but we have been recording values ​​above 30 ° C since the beginning of the month. A data that is in some ways worrying and the cause is the increasing presence ofanticyclone African than this year woke up with a month in advance, stealing from spring thirty days that would have been vital for the need for rain in our country. In addition to the anomalous heat, drought is also starting to become a serious problem, especially for some regions.

For the next few days the news on the weather front is not good at all: the anticyclone Scipio will become more and more powerful and will considerably increase temperatures over almost all of Italy. After a very short, slightly less hot parenthesis, expected for Saturday 18, already from Sunday 19 it will get hotter and hotter and the peak we will probably reach it between summer solstice (Tuesday 21), which is likely to become the hottest since 2003 (the hottest June in Italian climate history together with 2019) and Wednesday 22.

The thermal values ​​in this phase will touch peaks of 40 ° C on many cities of the Po Valley, such as Bologna, Ferrara, up to 37/38 ° C in Milan, Mantua, Pavia, Bolzano, 36 ° C in Rome, Terni, Florence. It will also start to get very hot in the South, with values ​​above 36 ° C in almost all cities. In short, many records could collapse and therefore mark a piece of our country’s climatic history.

Lorenzo Tedicimeteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it warns that this third wave of African heat will make us experience even the annoying tropical nights. This term has a very specific meaning: it is a climatic indicator that identifies the number of nights in the year with a minimum temperature greater than 20 ° C. It is an international value defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), it is used to monitor the ongoing climate changes. In fact, in recent decades we have been witnessing an ever-increasing number of these nights, underlining the process of climate warming that also affects our country. Well, in the next few days, thermal values ​​of even 26/28 ° C until midnight on many cities in the Center-North.

A possible change in weather is conceivable from Thursday 23 June, when cooler currents from Northern Europe could drop in latitude until they reach Italy.


Friday 17. In the north: sun and heat. Center: thunderstorms between Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise. In the south: afternoon thunderstorms over the Apennines.

Saturday 18. In the north: sunny, a little less hot. In the center: prevailing sun. In the south: some afternoon thunderstorms over Sicily and Calabria.

Sunday 19. In the north: all sun and rising heat. Center: largely sunny. In the south: irregular clouds only on the mountains.

Trend. From Monday Scipione stronger and stronger, record temperatures!


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