Travel apps: the most useful to take on vacation – Donnamoderna

Travel apps: the most useful to take on vacation - Donnamoderna

Land Apps help you book airplanes, search for hotels and restaurants, make you find new friends and even exchange currency. If you are about to leave, here you will find the most useful apps to download on your mobile

The Travel app they are among our best companions in vacation. They help us book planes, look for hotels and restaurants, make us find new friends, and even make us instant currency exchanges. That’s why you can’t help but bring some with you this year too. We point out the most useful apps, to download before and during your trip.

Before leaving: PackPoint, the App for packing your suitcase

Whether it’s sea, mountain, excursion or city of art, there is a universal rule: the essential must not be missing in your suitcase, because looking for a mosquito repellent in the middle of an equatorial forest can become an impossible or rather expensive undertaking. Apps like PackPoint they serve precisely this purpose, not to forget the essential. Just type in your destination on the screen, select the activities you will do on vacation (for example, sea, camping, running or cycling), and the system automatically generates a list of things to bring. There is everything from casual t-shirts to camping gear, from sleeping masks on intercontinental flights, to cameras. As you put the stuff in the trolley you check the items from the list, and that’s it.

There is also similar Pakteo (but at the moment it is only for devices with Android OS). With this travel app, among other things, you can also select season and weather conditions, draw on an endless database of ready-made lists, or create a personalized catalog to keep for the next trip.

On the road: Waze is the travel App to find your way

Of Waze you may have already heard of it, because it is among the best known free navigation apps. But on vacation it can be particularly valuable, wherever you are, because it takes advantage of the recommendations of all the users of the community, more than 140 million scattered across the different continents.

Once the route has been planned, you can decide to receive notifications with the best time to leave based on traffic, you can search for information on the cost of tolls and the price of fuel in real time. You can also activate additional features, such as “Find parking” and “Find your car”, or set the speed limit thanks to the speedometer.

Around me helps you find the nearest supermarket

Do you need to buy food at the last minute, get cash or take a taxi? With Around me, once you have indicated your position, it shows you the requested services on the map, indicating the place, distance and route. You can also send the itinerary to a friend of yours. In the database there are bars and banks, gas stations, taxi ranks and hospitals, as well as hotels, cinemas, restaurants and supermarkets.
The only drawback, at the moment it is only for iOs operating systems.

GurWalk and Free Walking Tour, to get to know the never seen neighborhoods

Two travel apps that can be useful if you have an off-program between the lesser-known neighborhoods of big cities are GuruWalk And Free Walking tour. Both allow you to participate in guided tours even in less touristy areas, they are usually organized by local guides who want to introduce the culture of the place, lesser known traditions, and promote a slower and more sustainable way of tourism.

GuruWalk has a database of more than 2,300 free walking tours in multiple languages, in more than 800 cities around the globe. From the App you can see, for each selected tour, days and times, available languages, itinerary, scores and comments from those who have tried it before you.

Free Walking tour it works the same way and is active in more than 120 countries. The tours are free, but you can decide to tip the guide.

Camperinfinity, the travel App that solves your problems on four wheels

You have chosen the vacation in van or camper? There is a brand new and all-Italian travel App, created by two genuine camper owners, Paola Villani and Grazia Cavallini, who have designed it to help those traveling to solve practical problems. In addition to finding the map with the most interesting locations (you can set the search by inserting filters for your needs), on Camperinfinity find the video tutorials that explain, for example, how the camper hob works or how to open the different types of portholes (and if you like you can enter your own, for the benefit of other users of the community).

There is also a must-see checklist, mechanic map and chat, so you can search for campers near you and ask for help or information. And if you want to stay with other campers, you have the possibility to create itineraries, divide them into stages and involve those in the area in a meeting or a group tour.

Travel Money for the group budget

Speaking of friends, if you are about to go on a group trip and don’t want to go crazy between accounts and the common fund, the Travel App Travel Money is the one for you. All you have to do is download it all: from that moment on, every time someone anticipates an expense, all he has to do is upload the amount, indicating the category. The application automatically calculates and communicates to all members of the group how much they must receive or give to each member of the group. Thanks to the spending chapters, you will also know in which categories you are spending the most. For travel outside the EU there is also the “instant currency exchange” function.

If you only need the currency conversion service, there are apps like Currency And Currency converter.

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